Is Hardwood Floor A Right Choice For Your Kitchen?

Wood flooring has a natural beauty that is difficult to match, but it is not a traditional choice for a kitchen due to the increased danger of damage from water and traffic.


Wood flooring has a natural beauty that is difficult to match, but it is not a traditional choice for a kitchen due to the increased danger of damage from water and traffic. Wood flooring is still popular in today’s kitchens, so if you’re thinking of hardwood floor installation in Mission Hills KS, you’ll want to know about species selections, installation, and care to avoid damage.

Find out why wood is so popular

Hardwood flooring Mission Hills KS is more popular for the cook space because it creates a visually smooth surface between the kitchen and an adjacent dining room or great room, in addition to its outstanding appearance. This unified design is preferred by many homeowners over the start-and-stop sensation of distinct flooring in adjacent rooms.

Keep in mind that wood and water don’t mix

Wood can swell, twist, or even split when it becomes moist, so even a minor dishwasher leak that goes undiscovered for a long time can ruin a part of a hardwood floor. A small spill, on the other hand, poses less of a threat, especially if it is swiftly cleaned up.

Take the difficult route

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of appealing wood flooring alternatives available at your local home improvement store. So make sure to choose a species that can survive the high-impact traffic found in kitchens. The movement of chairs and stools, as well as everyday comings and goings in street shoes, can scratch or dent a wood floor.

Allow time for the wood to acclimatize

For the greatest results, the wood must be allowed to acclimate to your home before installation, whether you hire a professional contractor or have the ability to do it yourself. The majority of wood flooring is packaged and stored in unheated warehouses, where the climate is typically considerably different from that of homes.

Prefinished and unpolished planks are compared

Prefinished planks are the easiest way to install wood flooring. Prefinished flooring, on the other hand, is not recommended for kitchens. Prefinished planks often have slightly beveled edges to give the floor a finished appearance, but these bevels produce microscopic tracks between the boards.

Your floor should be sealed and restored

A decent sealer can mean the difference between a kitchen floor that can handle traffic and spills and one that is easily scratched and stained. Although both water-based and oil-based sealants are available, a high-quality oil-based sealant would provide the best protection in the kitchen. Having hardwood floor refinishing Mission Hills KS after many years can give a new look to your floor.

Take good care of yourself

Spills should be cleaned up right away. Remove crumbs with a soft cotton dust mop. If you wish to sweep, try a non-scratch broom, which has soft rubber spikes that won’t scratch the floor’s gloss. Use a steam floor cleaner sparingly, as it may damage the finish. To avoid scratching or denting the wood floor, place soft furniture pads on the bottoms of kitchen tables and chairs.

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