Know the Different Types of Persian Rug

Iran is where Persian rugs are made. The country is known for its centuries-old carpet weaving history.


Iran is where Persian rugs are made. The country is known for its centuries-old carpet weaving history, with some of the best rugs featuring high knot counts and intricate designs. Persian rugs are adaptable in terms of form, function, and colour, making them suited for both modern and traditional settings.

Persian carpets are remarkable works of art, with designs ranging from pictorial scenes to just decorative patterns. Rugs made in different production hubs, such as Qom, Kerman, and Tabriz, are characterised by their weaving techniques, designs, colours, and materials.

Tabriz Rug

These high-quality carpets, which were originally created in Azerbaijan’s capital city of Tabriz, contain wool or wool and silk pile and a cotton or silk warp. Tabriz carpets include a wide range of designs, including teardrop medallions, flowers, trees, and hunting scenes.

Heriz Rug

With their brilliant colours and distinctive, stunning designs, Heriz rugs are simple to spot. These Persian rugs frequently feature large medallions in the middle. The medallions include big corner pieces and double or triple outlines. These rugs are incredibly long-lasting and sturdy. Now, you can buy Heriz rugs online.

Kashan Rug

Medallion and corner motifs on intricately patterned floral fields identify these Persian carpets. Kashan rugs are frequently woven in deep blues, reds, and ivory tones. Streaks of yellow, green, and burnt orange can also be seen in a variety of designs.

Gabbeh Rugs

These carpets are woven by Qashqai and Luri weavers in the Zagros Mountains, indicating that tribal culture has had a significant influence on the design of the Gabbeh rug. Gabbeh rugs are woven with handspun wool, which makes them thick and gritty.

Isfahan Rug

Silk and wool are used to make Isfahan carpets. With vines surrounding an indigo, rose, or blue medallion, these handcrafted rugs feature incredibly harmonising designs. On ivory backgrounds, artisans weave Isfahan rugs.

Nain Rug

These Persian carpets have extraordinarily fine wool and knot counts ranging from 300 to 700 knots per square inch. The designs on a Nain rug are incredibly detailed. Nain carpet designs frequently feature blue and green entwined branches with small flowers. These motifs are woven on white or light ivory backgrounds by artisans.

Sarouk Rug

Sarouk carpets are known for their wonderful colour, resilience, and charm, and are made with a fine compact weave. Mellow hues and beautiful medallion motifs characterise these Persian area rugs. Sarouk carpets work well in both traditional and modern settings. The mix makes these pieces ideal for a variety of settings.

Mashad Rug

Mashad carpets have a big pile with a cotton basis. The focal point of this area rug type is a huge Shah Abbasi medallion in the centre. The medallion is woven on an exquisite backdrop with floral designs by Mashhad artists. Curved designs can be found in the floral motifs.

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