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Businesses nowadays are using podcasts. As the world became busier, the podcast format has been getting popular.

Businesses nowadays are using podcasts. As the world became busier, the podcast format has been getting popular. Audio content allows the listener to multitask. It is an easy way to listen to the news and whatever events or entertainment.

Is Standard Audio File, a Podcast?

Most people think that anyone who could make a recording then uploaded it to a website is already a podcast.

A thing that separates a podcast from a simple audio file is the act of allowing subscriptions. So as soon as they upload an audio file to a podcast hosting website they produce a subscription feed called an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.

RSS is a web feed that allows people to subscribe to their podcasts. That’s the time an audio file turns into a podcast.

People Are Now Using Podcast

A recent study showed that while 49% of podcast listening happens at home, 22% happens while driving, 11% at work, and 8% while working out.

It has emerged both as an effective marketing and a viable media channel. This is also another method now to educate, humour and entertain people.

Since the podcast is all audio, there is no visual distraction. It is an advantage for podcasters or their guests as they will not worry about how they look.

Here are some of the Topics for a Podcast

– Kids and family

– Business

– True crime

– TV and film

– Health and fitness

– Religion

If someone would like to launch their podcast, production is on top of the priority list. It’s like building a house. If they don’t lay a solid foundation, for their house (their Podcast) most probably won’t be around very long.

Essential Podcast Equipment

Fortunately, podcasting doesn’t have to use a lot of equipment. They just need

– Laptop/computer

– Microphone

– Headphones

– Software to record your show

And producing a podcast always starts with the same three basic questions:

– Who is your audience?

– How long will your episode be?

– What is the format?

Some will say that starting a podcast is easy. For beginners, it’s inevitable to do trial and error. However, just like with a blog, a podcast is a way to build an audience. So you may want to skip the trial and error part and produce a high-quality podcast to reach out to potential customers. And the best option is to hire a podcast producer.

Podcast producer, act as technical director and administrator, an expert on managing a podcast recording and editing the episode and other behind-the-scenes interactions.

Working with podcast production companies will help you launch a commercial quality podcast. They have professional podcast production staff that will take care of all your needs. They will handle all of the elements of production to have a successful podcast.


A podcast is another method to entertain and educate people. It helps reach out to their potential customers that can lead to growing their businesses.

A media form that best for busy people and love to listen while doing other tasks.

The author of this article is a global award-winning audio producer, content creator, voice-over artist, storyteller and freelance podcast producer. Currently, she is freelancing on a variety of shows. Visit https://www.pariya.com.au/ for more details.



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