Making Healthy Choices When Dining in a Restaurant or Café

Certain foods are high in sugar, salt, calories, and fat. While it’s delicious and looks healthy, it can take a toll on your health over time.


It might be tempting to turn to fast foods as they’re quick to make, convenient to carry and eat. But, they’re not always a healthier choice. Foods that look healthier aren’t actually healthy. Certain foods are high in sugar, salt, calories, and fat. While it’s delicious and looks healthy, it can take a toll on your health over time. That’s why we have been invaded by life-threatening diseases, like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Making healthier food choices is crucial, and you still can adapt to a healthy lifestyle. If it’s not now, then never! When done right, you can enjoy the convenience of eating out without spoiling your health. To help you make healthy choices, we have shared some tips when you dine at the Castle Hill cafe or restaurant.

Check the Menu

It’s a good idea to check out health food store Castle Hill menu online before showing up. This will help you get an idea about the restaurant and determine what to order and its nutrition. Be mindful of what you’re ordering and adding to your food. Avoid fried foods, salty sauces, cookies, sausage and bacon, cheese, and cream-based soups. Instead, look for salads with vegetables and fruits, whole grain pasta, bread, and rice, light sauces with wine, spices, vinegar, and herbs, baked potatoes, pinto beans, poached, baked, steamed, and grilled foods.

Limit Your Portion

Ask if the nutrition station Castle Hill offers mini-sized meals or ask for a half-sized portion of the meal. If there’s no option, try splitting a meal with someone else at your table. Avoid buffet-style and all-you-can-eat menu options. Unlimited soups and pasta may seem like a good deal, but you might end overeating.

Choose Low-Fat Foods

Find out how the food is prepared and opt for foods low in fat and calories, like boiled, poached, grilled, or steamed foods. Choose low-fat salad dressings or opt for oil and vinegar salads instead of creamy ones. Even if you’re ordering pizza or a dessert, look for low-fat foods.

Pick Your Beverages Carefully

Soft drinks and juices aren’t a healthier choice as they are loaded with sugar. If you’re ordering fresh juice, don’t add sugar. Opt for sugar-free or low-calorie beverages. Remember, alcoholic drinks have a lot of calories. A large cocktail has many calories that are equal to the main course.

Make the right choice of foods when dining out and stay healthy!

The author is a chef specialising in serving healthy foods that are fresh, sustainable produce. He caters for all needs including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, dairy free and gluten free. Visit for more details about Castle Hill cafe.



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