Must Have Accessories for Your 4X4

In general, even the most basic 4X4 can whisk you away from the city for a relaxing stay in the wilderness.


In general, even the most basic 4X4 can whisk you away from the city for a relaxing stay in the wilderness. However, you quickly understand the shortcomings of a basic system and realise how things can become a lot more comfortable and fun with a few well-chosen 4×4 accessories. Here’s a list of 4X4 accessories that we can’t imagine not having.

The Bullbar

The bullbar is frequently the unsung hero of the 4wd accessories, serving as the entry point to a well-organized 4X4. The front of the vehicle provides crucial frontal protection against things like stray bushes and animal impacts, as well as allowing you to add vital extras like winches, aerials, and driving lights.


Highway tyres, while quiet and well-behaved, aren’t really up to the task on a true 4X4 when the going gets tough. However, the days of noisy off-road tyres are long gone. Investing in a decent set of tyres is always a good idea, as it will allow your 4X4 to function to its full potential both on and off road.


When you drive on a long trip without much in the way of storage in your truck, the cargo area will be unorganised. You’re kicking yourself for not being more organised as you spend half of your time searching around in the back hunting for the air compressor hose. The beauty of drawers is that they take the guesswork out of organising, allowing you to keep everything organised and easily accessible.

Using a Roof Rack

When you’re going on a long road trip, you’ll want to make sure you remember everything. There isn’t always enough room in the car, especially when the entire family is travelling. Roof racks allow you to store larger, bulkier items out of the way, freeing up valuable interior room. Putting too much heavy goods on top, on the other hand, will severely damage your centre of gravity, so pack carefully.

Luminous Lights

Long days (and nights) on the road are common while 4X4 travelling, and a good pair of driving lights can help the driver avoid fatigue and exhaustion. When it comes to choosing the proper light, you have more options than ever before, with more jargon than an army handbook to wade through. Driving lights are a must-have on any well-equipped touring 4X4 since they reduce eye strain and help you to identify potential threats earlier than normal.

Do you think we could get away with omitting the humble shovel? That handy tool that is always ready to assist. The shovel encapsulates the idea that everything should have more than one purpose, whether it’s de-bogging the 4X4, a remote location restroom stop, excavating a fire pit, or spreading the embers about your camp oven for the ultimate lamb roast. In a recovery situation, we prefer the long-handled variety since they can work quickly. If you are looking for four wheel drive accessories, you can rely on ozi4x4.

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