Must-Have Bathroom Fixtures That’ll Spice up Any Space

The bathroom is one of the cosiest rooms in a home. It is where you unwind and refresh yourself.


The bathroom is one of the cosiest rooms in a home. It is where you unwind and refresh yourself. Whether your bathroom is looking old or it doesn’t meet your needs, bathroom renovation is an excellent way to bring life to your bathroom. Although bathrooms can be customised and designed according to your needs, there are certain bathroom accessories that never should be missed out. When you visit the bathroom showrooms Sydney, you could see a range of bathroom fixtures and accessories that’s’ available in different styles, functions, and colours. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to overlook the essential bathroom fixtures. We, bathroom specialists Sydney, want you not to miss out on the bathroom essentials and compiled a list.

When you are renovating your bathroom, make sure you have all these bathroom fixtures on your list:-

Towel Holders

The towel holder is a must-have bathroom fixture, which is often overlooked. Placing the bathroom holder near the shower, bathtub, or washbasin would be a good idea. You could keep the towels off the wet floor at the same time; display them to match the colour and design of your bathroom interior. There are different models of towel holders ranging from clean-line bars and through rings to simpler hooks.

Soap Dishes

If you wish to keep your bathroom clean of soap stains, it is best to install soap holders near the shower or bathtub. Make it a practice to placing the soap bar in the holder to avoid stains.

Grab Bars

One of the useful items in a bathroom is the grab bars, especially for seniors, kids, and disabled persons. The bathroom floor could be dangerous, and these grab bars help save you from falls and trips and getting injured. Better to have a durable bar right by the tub and in the shower to avoid accidents.

Toilet Paper and Brush Holders

Bathroom accessories come in various shapes, styles, and materials. The ones that receive much attention are the toilet paper and brush holders. These bathroom accessories are not only functional but also stylish and help to pull off the bathroom design together. Bathroom and toilet fixtures are usually offered in a complete set in the same make, colour, design, and style. Using a complete set would make the bathroom look cosy, stylish, and sophisticated.

Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom hooks could help you hand your wardrobe. They are very small and almost invisible. But, bathroom hooks are more useful. Instead of handing your bathrobe on the doorknobs it’s a good idea to install hooks as it will look neat and organised.

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