Office Design Ideas to Boost Productivity and Employee Retention

Poorly designed offices can negatively affect productivity and organisational success.


Poorly designed offices can negatively affect productivity and organisational success. A recent study shows that professionals admit that their office ambience and environment influences their productivity and decision to work in the same company. The significance of a well-designed office can’t be overlooked. With today’s evolving trends and increasing employee’s expectations, fitting out an office that fosters comfort, engagement, productivity, and creativity can be quite challenging. It’s a good idea to work with office fitouts Sydney professionals to design such a workplace. Here are some of the best commercial office fitouts Sydney ideas from fitout professionals to enhance productivity:-

Create an Active Space

If you have more space, then an active room can be a great addition to your office fit out design. It can be a place where your employees can work out before and after office hours or even during the breaks. Practising yoga and meditation can boost productivity. Even a five minutes stretch can have a positive effect on their productivity. That said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be only a place to exercise, meditate or practice yoga. It can also be used to conduct meetings, etc.

Give Importance to Privacy

The debate on the open-plan offices is a never ending topic. While open-plan offices offer a great advantage in terms of layout flexibility, reduced build costs, and increased collaboration, it can be distracting and affect productivity. A study shows that chaotic background noise can lead to a 60% of the drop in productivity levels. Sometimes people want some privacy and a calm place to focus on their work and get things done. It’s for these reasons that you should give some privacy in your office.


Lighting is one of the overlooked aspects of office renovation. Lightings play a crucial role in enhancing productivity. Make use of the natural lighting as much as possible to light your office as well as reduce the energy bills. Invest in smart lighting fixtures that offer controlled lighting around your facility.

Don’t Overlook Movement inside the Office

Creating opportunities for movement is crucial to stay focused during a long day of work. A quick break can give a new perspective on what they’re working on. Productivity isn’t correlated with spending eight hours in a day on a desk. It’s important that your employees are recalibrating and refuelling once in a while to refresh their minds. Simple changes like putting a copy machine or phone opposite of the room from the desk can give opportunities to move from one place to another, meet their colleagues, and take a short break.

Tech-Savvy Layouts

It’s no wonder that the right technologies can help boost productivity. Modern offices have integrated technologies into their office design. Tech-savvy layouts help offices to be streamlined and productive.

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