Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha: What Is It And How To Use It?

Green tea is the most preferred alternative drink for many as it offers a range of benefits than other drinks. One such amazing green elixir is organic matcha powder!


Are you looking for suitable alternatives to tea and coffee? There’s a wide range of drinks and beverages available in the market. But, green tea is the most preferred alternative drink for many as it offers a range of benefits than other drinks. One such amazing green elixir is organic matcha powder!

So, what makes matcha powder special and how to use it? Keep reading to find out answers for all your queries regarding Matcha…

What Is Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha ?

Have you ever heard about Organic Matcha? Well, you probably had seen them in some organic health stores.

It is a form of green tea, originated in Japan. Matcha has been around for some 800 years, and Japan is the largest producer of this type of tea. It’s available in the form of powdered green tea leaves. Yes, the Green Tea leaves are made into powder. They are produced organically without using any fertilisers and chemicals to enhance the taste and yield. But, they aren’t packed like regular green tea leaves, and bags instead comes in airtight containers.

How is it made?

Matcha is produced differently than the process of regular green tea. It’s what makes this powder a special one, the way it is produced.

Farmers build structures around the plants to shade the plants two weeks before the harvest. This is called Tencha and leaves the plant in the shade all the time, and it’s believed that this process makes the leaves sweeter, softer, and brighter. By growing under the shade, Tencha produces more Amino Acid and gives more Umami Flavour compare to usual green tea.

How Does It Taste?

Although it’s made from leaves, some say matcha is creamier and sweeter than regular green teas.

How to Brew Matcha Green Tea?

It’s very easy to brew matcha. Within no time, your tea will be ready to sip:-

– Add one or two teaspoons of matcha into a bowl

– Add hot water

– Whisk the mixture with the bamboo whisk(if you have) until the tea is frothy

– Your tea is ready

Drink with relish and enjoy your matcha sip by sip!

How to Use It?

If traditional matcha is not your thing, try making matcha latte. Simply froth up your milk of choice with a tsp of matcha. Add sweeteners if you wish. Alternatively, you can use our ceremonial grade matcha to make desserts such as matcha cookies, matcha cakes, and so on.

The author is an Australian certified organic tea maker. He is dedicated to providing organic green teas, including Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha from the soil to sip. Visit for more details.



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