Organic Fruits and Vegetables for a Healthy and Sustainable Living

Did you know the current pandemic has lifted the organic product market over the billions mark?


Did you know the current pandemic has lifted the organic product market over the billions mark? The skyrocket figures in the purchase of wholesale fruit and veg Sydney is because people are choosing high-quality, organic products to feed and nourish their families. With people eating at home and cooking three meals a day, the pandemic has brought drastic changes to our lives. Apart from the pandemic, other reasons that contribute to the high demand for organic fruit and vegetable suppliers are the rise in diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and more, and the increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Healthy and Lead a Disease-free Life

“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

As the famous saying by Thomas A. Edison goes, organic fruits and vegetables play a vital role in leading a healthy and happy life. Organic products supplied by the fruit and veg wholesalers do not contain any artificial colour, flavours, or preservatives that are harmful to the human body. When you choose organic produce, you are eating something healthy that does not have any chemical residue that would cause major health issues in the later stages of your life.

So, how do you find out organic products from inorganic products? There are a few factors that help you differentiate organic products from chemical produces. They are listed below:

They Don’t Shine or Have a Smooth Appearance

Compared to conventional produces that are grown using chemical fertilisers and pesticides, organic fruits and vegs do not shine much. Moreover, they don’t have a smooth appearance. Most of the food products that are grown using chemicals are often sprayed or wax painted to look shiny and smooth. This is the reason why the produces sold by organic fruit and veg wholesalers look dull in colour.

Shorter Shelf Life

Yes, organic fruits and vegetables, even pulses and grains, have a shorter shelf life. This is because they do not contain any preservatives to prolong the shelf life of inorganic products.

Organic Products Have a Good Fragrance

The strong fragrance of organic fruits and vegetables are undeniable, and they definitely delight your sense of smell. When you use organic vegetables in your cooking, the unique and strong smell fills your home and triggers your ‘hunger hormones.’

The Bottom Line

Are you interested in eating healthy? Contact the best suppliers of wholesale fruit and veg Sydney, and buy directly from them. You can also ask the suppliers from where they are sourcing the produce and what are organic methods are used for growing. This ensures that you are buying from a reputable supplier and gives you peace of mind knowing you are eating farm-fresh products that are free of toxins.

The author of this article is a leading supplier of wholesale fruit and veg Sydney. In this article, he explains the reasons for the rise in the demand for organic produce. Visit for more.



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