Personal Injury Claims – Debunking 4 Common Myths

Hundreds of people across the United states get injured every year, and most of it are caused due to the negligence of another.


Hundreds of people across the United states get injured every year, and most of it are caused due to the negligence of another. When you’re not at fault for an accident, filing a personal injury claim is highly recommended.

A personal injury case will get you compensated for the injuries sustained, as well as for the lost wages and medical expenses incurred. However, there are several misconceptions about filing a personal injury case and obtaining compensation. Here are 4 such myths and the truth explained by an expert personal injury attorney in Bernalillo:

Myth 1: You Can File a Personal Injury Claim at Anytime

Fact: Not true. Once the incident has happened, you will only have a limited time to file a claim. You must comply with the statute of limitations in your state, and make sure that you consult with a personal injury attorney in Bernalillo to file a case before deadline. If you attempt to do so after the specified deadline, you won’t even have a case! Therefore, contact a lawyer as soon as you can for assistance.

Myth 2: The Claim Settlement is Easy Money

Fact: When you file a personal injury claim and prove that you are not at fault for the damages or injuries sustained, you will be compensated for the following:

• Medical expenses for treating the injuries

• Physical and emotional suffering

• Wages lost

The compensation you get isn’t easy or free money though. Some of the costs are already paid by you, and now you recover those costs by receiving a settlement. You will neither earn a check nor get paid to meet all your expenses. The amount of compensation you receive will be totally dependent on the evidence or facts furnished. Since every case is unique, the settlement made will also be different from one another.

Myth 3: A Personal Injury Claim will be Settled Quickly

Fact: The time taken for your claim to be resolved by the car accident lawyers in Bernalillo will vary from case to case. Several factors will be taken into account, based on which the settlement offer is made. To get a good compensation, you have to provide strong evidence, such as the medical reports from your doctor, footage of the incident, and anything else proving that the defendant is at fault.

Considering the time taken for the treatment, process of negotiations, scheduling and length of trial (if required) etc., it does take quite some time for your claim to be settled.

Myth 4: The At-Fault Party Should Pay Your Medical Bills Whenever Required

Fact: Absolutely not! It’s either you or your health care insurance provider that pays for your medical expenses, until it’s proven that the defendant is responsible for the damages and a settlement is made. The other party will not have to pay you anything before the case is resolved in your favor.

Hiring a personal injury law firm in Bernalillo NM can make a world of difference for you. They will help navigate through all the legal processes, and work with you to create an effective strategy for your claim. Book an initial consultation with a law firm today.

The author is an experienced personal injury attorney in Bernalillo with years of experience in dealing with various injury claims for clients. He regularly writes articles on personal injury law for his readers online. For more information, visit



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