Popular Paint Colours for Commercial Space

While white is an affordable choice for an office or commercial setting, it’s boring and dull.


While white is an affordable choice for an office or commercial setting, it’s boring and dull. Gone are the days of white walls in office spaces. Today, statement-making colours are taking the office interiors to the next level. There are colours that can help improve productivity and motivate employees to achieve the goals. Numerous studies show that the colours in an office space can affect the productivity of the employees. In fact, colours can set the mood for the employees throughout the day.

Some shades are dull, while others can inspire and drive creativity. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to pick just a single shade. You can make several combinations. This is when the assistance of strata painters Sydney becomes invaluable as they help you pick the right combinations according to your brand. However, when it comes to office colours, there are many shades to choose from, but the key is painting with the right shades that match your brand and promoting productivity and everyday joy.

Here are the trending office colours:-

Look around find out whether your workspace has these hues. If not, it is time to get some objects with these amazing shades to jazz up your office.

Pale Grey and White

If you really can’t give up whites, pale grey and white combination is a wise idea that can satisfy your expectation. In fact, it is an excellent choice for a large office with lots of people in it. Sometimes, the bright shades may be too abrasive in a large space. This colour is suitable, especially if you are not revamping the entire office and just wanted to change the look. Moreover, it is worth the investment as it will never go out of style.


Research show that blue motivates people and enhances productivity. A striking blue can be soothing, powerful, and relaxing at the same time while lighter shades of blue can be paired with various shades to make the space bright and motivating. However, the deep blue office is in trend and an ideal choice for a bustling modern workspace. Blue looks stunning not only against white and grey but also bold shades like greens and yellows. Ensure to pair it with lighter flooring for extra dimension.

Deep Green

Even though darker shades of green are not the most preferred shade for offices and commercial settings, it is a brilliant shade for meeting rooms and feature walls. Green shades are inspiring, while deep shades of green are warm and earthy that helps to bring the outdoors inside the building. Deep green also pairs well with all types and styles of office furniture.


If you are looking for savvy paint colours that are unique and bold for your commercial space, you can’t go wrong with brown. In fact, shades like matte brown can do wonders to make your workspace elegant.

Golden Yellow

A vibrant golden yellow is the right choice if you want to give your office a new look. It also a great choice for a feature wall in a larger space. Whether your workspace is a modern office or traditional setting, golden yellow suits well.

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