Questions To Ask While Hiring a Catering Company

Food is a vital aspect of every event. Your guests will be talking about the food, whether it's really good or bad.


Food is a vital aspect of every event. Your guests will be talking about the food, whether it’s really good or bad. A healthy meal will contribute to the event’s success. So, how are you going to make that happen? We’ve put together a list of questions to ask about catering Surry Hills to help you choose the best option for your event.

What Types Of Foods Do You Specialise In?

If the event has a specific theme and specific types of cuisine in mind, this may be a reasonable question to ask. Consider preparing your menu around your caterer’s consumer favourites or specialties to ensure you get the best of the best from your caterer.

What Would You Suggest?

Why not ask for suggestions if you’re recruiting a high-quality, professional catering Redfern? They may have some excellent suggestions based on your guest count, budget, and event style that you may not have considered on your own. For instance, the food they recommend for a wedding may not be the same as what they recommend for a birthday party.

What Kind Of Presentation Do You Use For The Food?

Isn’t it true that we feed through our eyes as well? It would be useful to see certain examples of what this specific vendor has done in the past, whether it’s a buffet or a plated meal. When it comes to the success of the event, the presentation of the meal is crucial.

How Much Do You Think It’ll Cost?

It’s vital to stay on track with your event budget, so make sure you understand what’s included in the price. Catering Parramatta is mostly done on a per-guest basis. Simple enough but take things a step further to prevent any additional costs in the future. Ask if items like chef salaries, set-up, and gratuity are included in the per-guest rate as well.

How Can You Deal With Last-Minute Demands Or Dietary Restrictions?

When it comes to catering Sutherland Shire, it’s important that you know how to manage any circumstances that might occur. Make sure you’re familiar with the procedure ahead of time so you’ll know what to do if the situation occurs.

Do You Give A Taste Of The Menu?

Getting a taste of the menu before your event will really help you narrow down your favourite dishes or the best theme for your food. Check with your caterer and see if you can try any of the food before the big event.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Before the case, make sure you are aware of any possible additional costs that can occur. Knowing the possible costs of add-ons would make it easier to respond in the event of a last-minute scenario.

What’s The Scope Of Your Menu Selections?

It would be difficult to please everyone with their favourite meal at large events with hundreds of participants. However, a lack of variety can detract from the success of your case. Be sure to talk about a variety of food choices based on what people need rather than what they want.

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