Reasons to Buy Handmade Oriental Rugs

You've seen handmade oriental rugs in department shop windows, their gorgeous designs adorning the flooring.


You’ve seen handmade oriental rugs in department shop windows, their gorgeous designs adorning the flooring. You’ve seen them at nice places and admired their beauty in historic hotels, as well as in your parents’ homes. Handmade oriental rugs have existed for millennia, so why people buy handmade carpets online now? What distinguishes a hand-knotted oriental rug from others? And where do you go to find the best handmade rugs online? Hopefully, this article will assist you in determining that.

It outperforms any machine-made rug on the market

Sure, not long ago, gorgeous hand-knotted oriental rugs could only be purchased in galleries. They’re all over now, but are they all handmade? What is the level of quality? When you buy hand knotted area rugs, you’re getting something that was created by hand and with a lot of thought. The rug has to be constructed in sections. The wool (or silk) has to be spun first, for example. The spinning may have been done by machine in some circumstances, but the texture of the rug differs. The spun wool has to be coloured after that. Following that, the wool had to be weaved into a rug.

A hand knotted area rug is likely to save you money in the long term

Anyone who buys a cheap nylon rug quickly learns that it isn’t going to last – especially if there are children or pets in the house. It may appear to be in good condition for a few months before quickly deteriorating and showing signs of wear.

Because of its faults, handmade area rugs are intriguing

A fault or pattern variation in a handmade rug adds character and charm, as well as increasing its value. They are frequently included on purpose; however this is not always the case. Because there are so many aspects that go into manufacturing an oriental rug by hand, they are prone to flaws.

Your hand knotted area rug is a piece of history that will hold its worth or appreciate through time. Knowing the history of your rug has financial ramifications, in addition to being instructive and entertaining. Your ancient rugs could be worth a lot more than you think. It’s crucial to know how and when your rug was created. It began in a shop with other weavers, at home, or on the road. If it’s a nomadic rug, it was created and transferred from one location to another.

Handmade area rugs are more intriguing and lovely than wall-to-wall carpet

Natural fibres such as wool or silk still make up the majority of handcrafted carpets. Whereas most wall-to-wall carpet is comprised of synthetic fibres such as nylon, which translates to plastic and is not biodegradable, and will eventually end up in a landfill.

You’re helping to support a largely GREEN and SUSTAINABLE industry

The majority of hand knotted area rugs are created from environmentally friendly materials like wool and/or silk, and are coloured with vegetable-based colours. New materials, such as bamboo silk, a cellulosic pulp fibre derived from cellulose, have been added in recent years.

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