Round Out Your Summer Wedding Décor with Beautiful Blooms

Summer is the busiest wedding season. The weather is beautiful, gardens are in bloom and the seashore beckons.


Summer is the busiest wedding season. The weather is beautiful, gardens are in bloom and the seashore beckons. No summer wedding is complete without an attractive setting. Whether you are planning a dreamy beach wedding or a simple garden wedding, décor plays a vital role in setting the mood for the big day. It also provides you an unrivaled opportunity to decorate the venue in your own personal style. Wedding florals from the leading florist in Charlottesville VA provide a high-impact visual statement for your summer wedding. Here we’ve discussed the latest wedding flower ideas.

Seasonal Flowers

Floral designers can create unique floral arrangements made with blooms that are available in season and in stock. The florists help you choose the flowers to include based on their availability, freshness, and colors. Some flowers like peonies or lily of the valley have a very short season. If they should bloom locally the week of your wedding, the florist can feature them in your designs. Other flowers like roses and calla lilies are available year round. Your floral consultant can help you choose the best mix of which flowers are certain and which you can be flexible with. You will settle the colors and style together and plan on beautiful designs to impress your guests. Same-day flower delivery in Charlottesville VA is also available for floral arrangements if you have any last minute needs.

Customized Bouquets

Every wedding is unique, and each couple has their own tale to tell. So, why choose something standard? Go for uniquely crafted wedding bouquets that are personalized to your taste and style. Talk to the best florist in Charlottesville VA, to convey your preferences, and they will do the magic. They help you create bouquets that are as unique as your love for each other.

Rustic Florals

Rustic floral arrangements are perfect for a garden or barn wedding. They are a better way to give a casual vibe to your wedding day. A perfect balance of dreamy and natural with an extra pop of elegance and style for your summer wedding.

Neutral Colors

Unlike bold and bright colors, neutral color schemes never go out of style. Using shades of white, ivory, and gold is a classic, elegant look. Moreover, a neutral color scheme doesn’t draw any immediate attention and keeps the focus only on the bride.

Wrapping Up

Looking for something unconventional for your summer wedding? The floral designers at The Flower Shop are on trend with the styles and flowers popular today. From small hand-tied posies to drop-dead-gorgeous cascade bouquets, there are unique, stylish trends that provide a stunning look for your dream wedding. Get expert advice at The Flower Shop!

The Flower Shop, one of the leading flower shops in Charlottesville VA creates the perfect floral arrangements for your beautiful summer wedding. Get in touch with us now to make your wedding dreams a reality. Visit for more information.

The author of this article is a leading florist in Charlottesville VA, with over a decade of experience in the floral industry. In this article, he lists the latest summer wedding flower trends for 2021. Find out more at


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