Should I Clean The Walls Before Painting?

Are you wondering whether or not to clean the wall before painting or start painting right away?


Are you wondering whether or not to clean the wall before painting or start painting right away? While surface preparation before painting depends on the type of paint and surface that you’ll have to paint on, it is a good idea to clean the painting surface to achieve a better, smooth, and long-lasting finish. When it comes to house painting Sydney, professional painters recommend cleaning the paint surface. Of course, you could paint over a dirty, chipping, and flaking surface. But, don’t expect a smooth finish and your work to hold for a long time.

Determine If You Need To Wash the Walls

It is necessary to determine whether or not you need to prepare the walls when it comes to interior painting Sydney. On the other hand, if it is exterior painting Sydney, you’ll have to prepare the walls as the exterior walls are susceptible to weather damages.

If you are using semi-gloss or gloss paints, you need to first wash the walls, scrape the peeling and flaking paint, and fix the dents before getting started. This applies to repainting a wall with this type of paint as well. Cleaning the walls is much easier when compared to flat paint. So, it shouldn’t take much time and stress you out.

When it comes to cleaning the wall with flat paint, prep can be a daunting and time-consuming job. This is because you can’t completely remove the smokes, stains, and marks on the walls. Also, this type of paint is less likely to resist damages caused by chemicals used in the cleaning agent. Hence, you’ll notice some discolouration or slight colour change on the walls after cleaning. It’s quite normal. Once you paint, you could hide it.

With latex paint, you don’t have to worry about mild stains and marks on the wall as it can be covered effectively. Moreover, latex paint is fade-resistant and easy to clean. Just make sure to use high-quality latex paint as cheaper ones tend to be rubbed off easily after washing. While this type of paint is expensive, it can spare you from the hassle of labour work and the overall quality of the paint.

First, begin by testing a small portion of the surface you are planning to paint and make sure there are no damages. By checking the wall, you can figure out whether or not you’ll have to wash the area.

Cleaning the walls before painting offers a plethora of benefits, including long-lasting results and outstanding finish. It is a good idea to hire professional painters to get your house painted.

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