Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Be it a small shower stall or powder room; a small bathroom can make morning and evening routine less efficient.


Be it a small shower stall or powder room; a small bathroom can make morning and evening routine less efficient. But, before you give up and call a professional to help you find a new place, spend a few minutes reading this article. All you need is some strategic tips to make the most of your small bathroom renovations Sydney. Don’t let small space stop you from being comfortable and living large.

The small bathroom renovation ideas from the best bathroom renovations Sydney specialists will go beyond making the most of the space and prove that you can even make a small space look bigger and comfortable.

Here are the best ways to turn your small bathroom into a relaxing oasis:-

Install corner sink

Sometimes even a small sink can disrupt the daily routine. In such a case, installing a corner sink across from the toilet is a great idea instead of placing it across the shower. It gives more space to your small bathroom and makes it look bigger.

Renovate your storage

One of the most common reasons why a small bathroom looks cluttered is when you have so many items, taking up every surface. If you can declutter and use minimal items it should work. But, when it is not feasible as you need everything, reconfigure your storage solutions. Something like a built-in vanity unity fitted against the walls that make for clean lines, glass shelving with a mirror placed on the wall to hold all your toiletries, and wall vanity units or cupboards can look sleek when they are in the same colours of your bathroom wall.

Use the mirrors to bounce light around the room and create an illusion of big space. So, install a large flat mirror to one wall rather than hanging over the sink. Let the mirror be adjacent or opposite to windows so that it reflects the natural light into the room.

Illuminate the room

The more natural light, the bigger it looks. When there is only a single light hanging from the centre of the ceiling can make the room look smaller and darker. Natural light is the best way to illuminate your small bathroom and make it look bigger and cosy. You could also incorporate soft, subtle LED lighting effects by installing it under a bath panel or over a sink.

Paint the walls with neutral colours

Bold colours can overwhelm a small bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use bold colour. Blend it with neutral shades. You can even create an accent wall with bold shades and neutral shades for the rest of the place.

Use glass door

Throw that shower curtains and install a glass door to maximise the feeling of light and space. By doing so, you can create the illusion of big space and draw the attention.

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