Smart Ideas for Designing Senior-Friendly Bathroom

When you think of remodelling your bathroom, it’s easy to focus on the latest trends and technology, such as walk-in showers or ultra-modern fixtures.


When you think of remodelling your bathroom, it’s easy to focus on the latest trends and technology, such as walk-in showers or ultra-modern fixtures. However, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom more senior-friendly without breaking the bank or sacrificing your style. The key is to think of ways that will make the process easier on your parents and grandparents, who likely have slightly different needs and preferences than you do. Here are eight smart ideas for your senior-friendly custom bathroom renovations Sydney bathroom.

A Lighted Mirror

Because older eyes are more sensitive to light, a lighted bathroom mirror can make things easier on your eyes. There are a lot of great options out there, from full-length mirrors with built-in lights to smaller mirrors with standalone fixtures that attach to your existing mirror. The key is choosing one that you’ll actually use—you won’t bother replacing your full-length bathroom mirror if it’s hidden in a corner and not doing its job!

Rounded Corners on the Tub or Shower

Having a rounded corner or curve in your shower or tub makes it safer and easier to use. Seniors with limited mobility are more likely to fall if they can’t move around sharp corners, so removing them from your bathroom will make things safer in there, which is crucial considering that falls are one of the most common causes of injury and death among senior citizens.

Grab Bars in Large Sized Toilets

Having a large sized toilet in your home is a good idea as they have plenty of space to sit down and get up from. There are many ways to install grab bars in large sized toilets and it can be done by any skill level. Start by measuring how much space you have available around your toilet and then figuring out what type of material you want to use for your grab bars. You can opt for metal, wood, or even plastic if that’s what you like most.

Handrails at the Tub and Shower

Install a handrail in your tub and shower so seniors have a sturdy place to hold on while getting in and out of either area. This is a good idea not only to help them prevent falls, but also to make it easy for them to be independent when they’re getting ready each day. With handrails, older adults can help themselves shave or do their hair, with no need for assistance from others.

Easy Access to Water Supply Fixtures

A water supply fixture includes everything you can use to bathe, wash dishes, and brush your teeth. This includes your toilet, bathtub/shower combo, bathroom sink and countertop. To make it easy for seniors to get a drink or use these items of any kind with ease, there are things you can do to help them out. Install bars in front of toilets and creating clear space around them, so they don’t have to reach as far down.

Consider an Alarm System

If you have trouble moving around in your own home, an alarm system can help. This is particularly helpful if your bathroom is far from any other living area in your house. But if you do need to get up and walk, it’s nice to know that an alarm will sound should you fall or need assistance.

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