Stages of Home Mold Damage – A Quick Look!

Are you dealing with mold contamination in your home? Professional mold removal in Toronto is the only viable option. However, you may not be sure how severe the problem is and what cleanup and remediation measures to take.


Are you dealing with mold contamination in your home? Professional mold removal in Toronto is the only viable option. However, you may not be sure how severe the problem is and what cleanup and remediation measures to take. Taking quick and efficient measures at the first signs of a mold problem in the house will help you make a knowledgeable and satisfactory decision. Also, some people don’t know the seriousness of the problem, resulting in various health hazards and extensive structural damage. Understanding the stages of mold damage in a house will help avoid those. In total, there are five different mold damage levels. They are,

1.Mold damage level 1: 10 square feet or less

2.Mold damage level 2: 10 to 30 square feet

3.Mold damage level 3: 30 to 100 square feet

4.Mold damage level 4: 100 square feet or more

5.Mold damage level 5: HVAC system contamination

Remember, different stages of mold require different levels of treatment. You can also seek professional help for regular mold testing in Toronto.

Different Stages of Mold Damage

Mold Damage in Stage 1

Stage one mold damage is usually found on the surfaces of wall panels, tiles, ceilings, and baseboards. Since it is a starting stage, the mold’s damage will be in or around 10 square feet.

Mold Damage in Stage 2

In this stage, the contaminated area of mold damage will be almost 10 to 30 square feet. Since it is the spreading stage, it is essential to hire professionals.

Mold Damage in Stage 3

The third stage mold spread will be harmful to children and seniors. So, try to keep them away from the contaminated area. In this stage, the mold-infested area varies from 30 to 100 square feet. Since it is considered a severe stage, immediate professional mold remediation in Toronto action is a must.

Mold Damage in Stage 4

This stage contaminates an area above 100 square feet, and it is a costly mold damage removal procedure since it consumes more time. During the procedure, people should vacate the house.

Mold Damage in Stage 5

This is the final stage of mold damage. In this stage, the HVAC system of your house is contaminated.

Final Wrap

Mold damage does not happen in a day. Did you know the time it takes for mold to start growing is around 48 hours? Yes, two days is enough for mold to develop and it can be found in almost every material? The source of mold is moisture. Mold grows anywhere there is moisture for an extended period of time. And your moldy home can be deadly if it gets serious and enters the second stage. Professionals are specially trained to get rid of this harmful thing from your home or commercial building and stop its further spread. As the mold poses serious damage potential, the professionals will act quickly and efficiently. So, if you suspect mold growth in your business or home, it’s essential to get a mold inspection in Toronto right away. Before you hire a professional, don’t forget to note the extent of mold damage in the house. Also, make sure to hire professionals before it destroys your property and health.

The author of this article is a blogger and specializes in mold removal in Toronto. In this article, he discusses the different stages of mold damage. Visit for more information.



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