Storing Leftover Paint 101

Painting your office space is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase the overall appeal of your office.


Painting your office space is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase the overall appeal of your office. A new coat of paint on the walls by the professional commercial painters Sydney can help seal out moisture, reducing the added weight that can put stress on your office’s structural integrity. Also, it motivates and help to improve the productivity of the employees. As you know, a better paint colour choice can profoundly affect the productivity of your employees for better. So, what about the left over paint? It’s easy to overestimate how much paint you need for a job – and to find yourself with a partial can left over. The good news is, paint is durable if it’s stored properly. Yes, storing the paint for the future use will save your time and money in buying new paint with the same shade. So, what do you do with leftover paint? You can able to use the paint for another project or for touch ups in need. Are there any tips for storing paint? Yes, there are! Keep reading to know the best ways to store paint.

How Long Will Paint Last?

The leftover paint will last for years if it stored properly.

Here are the shelf lives of certain paints:

1. The oil-based acrylic can last up to 15 years.

2. The milk paint can last up to a week

3. The latex paint can last between 2 and 10 years. Based on the quality the years this may differ.

4. The chalk paint last from one to 5 years. This also, based on the quality if the paint, the years could differ.

How to Store Leftover Paint?

Step 1: Move Leftover Paint to Visible Smaller Cans

Transfer the left over paint to the new container that is visible after the commercial painting Sydney gets over. Then label it with paint colour, for office room used, paint company, and more. You’ll want to know the colour and paint company, in case you need to reuse the paint or buy more lately. If there’s more than an inch gap between the paint and the top of the jar, you can create an airtight seal by putting plastic wrap between the paint and the lid. Make sure the container is sealed tight to keep out any extra air. So that, the paint doesn’t dry out too quickly. Why store the paint in other Smaller Cans, but not in gallon buckets? Of course, gallon buckets are great for transporting paint from the paint store to your house. But storing used paint in them can shorten your paint’s lifespan, not to mention leaving you with a pile of half-empty paint cans.

Step 2: Store The paint container in a Climate-Controlled Area

The paint will stays fresh and ready to use only if it stored in a climate-controlled area like a closet or cabinet. The cooler, dryer, and darker the storage space is, the better. That’s because paint becomes unstable at extreme temperatures.


So, are you ready to paint your office now? Consider hiring one of the leading commercial painting contractors Sydney! They know the approximate quantity of the paint needed. Also, , they will let you know the tips to store the leftover paint properly.

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