Stylish Surfaces and Fixtures for Your Bathroom – Don’t Sacrifice Even an Ounce of Style

Have you had enough of your small, dysfunctional bathroom?


Have you had enough of your small, dysfunctional bathroom? Your small bathroom renovations Sydney can be innovative and ultra-modern. Here we’ve listed a few bathroom décor trends that can break the rules and completely transform the look of your bathroom. After all, your bathroom is your prime destination for retreat and relaxation. So, give it a little TLC wouldn’t hurt you, especially when you can create a spa-like environment on a minimal budget.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are excellent space-saving solutions for your bathroom and can fit any style. It comes in different materials, finishes, and looks. Mounting floating vanities make your bathroom feel spacious and airy by creating an uninterrupted flooring surface. They are easy to clean, and the extra space gives you more room to organise and store your things.

Backlit Mirrors

The backlit mirror is the focal point of a modern bathroom. They cast light from inside the mirror and provide a pure white light that gives a true sense of colour as well as a shadow-free reflection. It also provides a glowing effect on the wall and creates an illusion of a floating mirror. According to recent reports, 75% of homeowners install new mirrors during bathroom renovations Sydney, and the majority of them choose backlit mirrors.

Small Bathtubs that Save Space

Did you know bathtubs are the top features for bathroom renovations Sydney? Bathtubs are a centrepiece for any bathroom, and their style influences the appearance of your bathroom. So, go for freestanding, corner bathtubs that go well with any bathroom style, especially the smaller ones. Moreover, a smaller size bathtub doesn’t require more space, much time to install, and more water.

Add Warm Colours

Do you want to freshen up the look of your bathroom? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders! When choosing paint colours for the bathroom, go for vibrant and warm colours or a mix of both. Choose a primer that is formulated to resist mildew and paints that are hygienic, stain-resistant, and hard-wearing.

Don’t Forget the Countertops

Quartz countertops are the popular choices for the bathroom as it is easy to maintain and withstand staining. The surface of the quartz countertop is non-porous and prevents the growth of bacteria. Hence, it’s ideal for a damp environment like a bathroom and kitchen.

Touch of Wood

Wood is not the first choice for most people due to the constant humidity in the bathroom. But, today, people love a touch of wood in their bathroom because of its organic, natural appearance and warmth. If you are worried about the damages caused to the woodwork in your bathroom, you can try incorporating wood-look tile for a realistic look and pleasant feel.

Visit your nearest bathroom showrooms Sydney, and talk to the professionals to learn the recent trends in bathroom renovations.

The author of this article is a Sydney-based bathroom specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he lists a few trends that you can incorporate in your bathroom renovations Sydney. Visit for more information.



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