Surprising Facts about Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extraction is the oral surgical process that helps remove your impacted wisdom teeth and save nearby teeth from other oral issues.


Wisdom teeth extraction is the oral surgical process that helps remove your impacted wisdom teeth and save nearby teeth from other oral issues. This is a known fact about wisdom teeth extraction. There are facts that people don’t get aware of. This is what is listed in this article in order to make you update about wisdom teeth extraction. Keep reading to find more about having wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Fact 1: You Can Speed Up Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery Time

It can take up to 2 weeks to recover from the surgery to remove your wisdom tooth or teeth. However, you can speed up the recovery time by following the advice of your dentist and some home dos. And make the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney you spend with worth well.

1 Less vigorous in brushing teeth close to the extraction area.

2. Avoiding strenuous physical activity, smoking, and sucking on straws after the procedure

3. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

4. Don’t spit or vigorously swish liquids in your mouth.

5. Don’t eat any foods that are sticky, crunchy or chewy.

6. Consume only liquids and soft foods for at least a couple of days.

7. After 24 hours have passed, rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times a day.

8. Use ice packs for the first 48 hours, then switch to warm packs.

9. Take your pain medication as directed.

10 Get plenty of rest and keep your head elevated.

Fact 2: Wisdom Teeth Extraction Pain Management Can Be Fun.

To help you manage pain and discomfort after the procedure, your dentist or surgeon can prescribe medication. Taking those help pain relief. Aside from this, you can also go on a soft diet for pain management. You are required to be on a soft diet after the extraction,

1. Smoothies

2. Yogurt

3. Ice cream

Aside from tasting good, these cold fares can help lessen bleeding and swelling. Who doesn’t enjoy these treats!!

Fact 3: Ignoring Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can Cause Oral Health Problems And Even Life-Threatening Conditions

Did you know ignoring wisdom teeth extraction will end up causing tooth decay and other oral problems? This is the result of fully erupted molars because they are located in hard-to-reach areas, thus making them more difficult to clean. The impacted wisdom tooth can also cause infection, cyst, tumours, and damage to nearby teeth and gums. It can also inflict serious damage on vital organs such as the heart and kidney if the infection is discovered at an advanced stage.


Have wisdom teeth extraction and have a healthy life! You can now have a cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney at No Gap Dentists!

The author of this article is a dentist who perform wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. In this article, he discusses the surprising facts about wisdom teeth removal. Visit


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