The Best Websites for Busy Teachers: Resources for Teaching

There are plenty of reasons to use educational websites not only for students but for teachers and parents too.


There are plenty of reasons to use educational websites not only for students but for teachers and parents too. Online digital libraries and websites for teachers are easily accessible from any electronic device, affordable, offer quick assessments and revision tasks, and facilitate high-quality learning. This is made possible thanks to teacher-written content that has already been used and tested in many classrooms.

We know that a day in the life of a teacher is busy and full of unexpected moments. So if you’re searching for helpful websites teachers use, read this article and be sure to bookmark them!

1.Best Teacher Resources: Resources for Teaching

From lessons, presentations, task cards, activities, teacher worksheets and much more, Resources for Teaching has all your classroom needs to teach any subject and year level. They have a great selection of teaching materials for teachers that are easy to download and access from any device and incorporate into your classroom. To visit their website, go to now!

2.Best Online Stories: Story Box Library

Perfect for teachers who are searching for storybooks for primary aged children. Plenty of quality Australian stories read by notable authors and storytellers are bound to keep your students engaged. This is a valuable website for teachers who want to pull together an English lesson quickly or treat students to a story during break time or as a class reward.

3.Best Computer Science Resources:

An excellent website for kids of all ages to learn how to code and develop technology skills with 60-minute-long tutorials available in 45 different languages. Some of their goals include improving diversity in computer science, inspiring students, preparing new computer science teachers and reaching classrooms across the globe.

4.Best for Geography: Google Earth

Zoom across the Great Barrier Reef. Take a tour of iconic landmarks across the world. Google Earth is versatile and the perfect learning tool for children and adults of all ages. There are plenty of tutorials that make it easy to use, and most devices can access this application.

5.Best for Current Events: Kids News

Plenty of information that includes content from various publications within the Australian News Corp, such as the Herald Sun, NT News, Daily Telegraph, Newsmail, the Chronicle and many more! Your students will enjoy keeping up to date with the latest news and develop their literacy and comprehension skills in a fun and meaningful way.

The author is a writer who often publishes articles on health and education for their readers online. She also manages a website that offers a range of teaching resources online. Visit for more information.



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