The True Cost of Dental Implants in Australia List For 2021

Are you looking for the real dental implants cost in Australia? The cost of dental implants has dropped 20% per year over the last seven to nine years! Let's get into it straight!


Are you looking for the real dental implants cost in Australia? The cost of dental implants has dropped 20% per year over the last seven to nine years! Let’s get into it straight! The approximate cost of having dental implants in Australia will be from $2850 to $30000. The fee structures around Australia vary depending on the complexity of the case or, perhaps, the dentist you choose, the need for extra surgery (like bone graft and or sinus lift) you need, and the number of implants you need. However, you can save money to fund dental bills by health insurance and other dental plans if you can able to avail those. For that, you have to choose the right dental office.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

Comparing to other tooth replacement options, dental implant ranks the first. This is not only because of its natural presence, but also due to its functions (like a real tooth). With a dental implant, you need no more maintenance than what you already provide for your own teeth, I look and feel like your own teeth, and it will be much more comfortable than other tooth-replacement option like tooth bonded bridges, conventional dentures, and endodontic (root canal) treatment. And so, to date, dental implants is keeping increasing popularity among people who are missing teeth even if the cost of dental implants Australia is higher than other replacement option. And, it worth the cost.

Benefits of Having Dental Implants

1. Improve both your social and professional interactions

2. Guarantees daily comfort

3. Restore your self-confidence

4. Improve tooth and gum health

5. Look and feel like the real thing

6. Your appearance is preserved

7. Future dental issues are prevented

8. Save your money long-term

9. Convenience option

10. Good durability

The Average Cost Of Dental Implants In Australia

Cost of ‘All-on-4’ dental implants

‘All-on-4’ dental implants means having a dental implant for four teeth. This seems expensive, but in truth, it saves your money long term. The cost for having ‘All-on-4’ dental implants will get varied from $15000 to $30000. If there is no complication, you can able to have four dental implants just at $15000.

Complicated Single Dental Implant

This type of dental implants comes with a complicated process. This type of case needs a bone graft and or sinus lift. And for a single dental implant, it charges from $4000 to $11500.

Straightforward Single Dental Implant

A straightforward single dental implant is the cheapest dental implant. Since this type of case doesn’t have any complications, the fee for a dental implant ranges from $2850 to $6500.


The price of a dental implant varies from place to place, dentist to dentist, type, complication, and number of implants you need. Be sure to compare the price for an implant that you really want and book an appointment.

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