Things That Homeowners Tend to Overlook When Renovating a Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is a major undertaking that involves a substantial investment. When done right, bathroom renovations Sydney can be a rewarding project.


Renovating a bathroom is a major undertaking that involves a substantial investment. When done right, bathroom renovations Sydney can be a rewarding project. But, the problem is most homeowners get stuck and don’t think beyond tiles, shower screens, vanities, bathtub, and paint colours. It’s important to consider all the aspects of the project, including your lifestyle, the number of people in your family, your plans to have a baby in future, elderly parents( if you’re planning to take care of them), pets, and other factors.

In fact, they tend to overlook some of the important and practical features of their bathrooms when renovating. So, we, bathroom renovators Sydney, have shared some of the essential features of your bathroom that you need to consider during the initial bathroom design Sydney:-

Good Ventilation

This’s one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of designing a bathroom. Enough ventilation is the key to keeping the bathroom free from mould and smell. But, this isn’t prioritised by most homeowners during the renovation. It’s important to ensure that the exhaust fan is large enough for the space and vents to the outside. If not, moist air will be trapped in the roof, becoming a perfect place for the growth of mould in the attic that goes unnoticed. Try to add windows and exhaust fan to prevent mould growth. Choose the right ventilation system according to the size of your bathroom.


Storage is a major problem in bathrooms, especially for small bathrooms. So, please think well before installing some fancy and pedestal vanity as it doesn’t offer any storage. You’ll need storage for storing all your bath products, cleaning supplies, and towels, and beauty and makeup products. A cabinet style vanity units, internal shelving, and mirrored storage units are all great choices for storage.


Whether your elderly parents are active or physically disabled, it’s important to design a bathroom that’s senior-friendly. Tiles, showers, and closets without support bars and slip-proof mats can be very dangerous to seniors. That’s why you need to look for senior-friendly features when designing the bathroom.

Resale Value

As with all home improvements, you should balance the style against the resale value of the property. In case, if you’re moving to some other place and selling your house, make sure your home is in good condition. Focusing on timeless choices for your bathroom renovation can really add value to your property.

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