Things to Consider Before Designing Your Café

So you are planning to open a café. Congratulations! Apart from brewing good coffee, ambience and experience play a crucial in making your café successful.


cafe fitouts Sydney, customers are much likely to visit your place, resulting in good ROI.

Designing a café and creating a floor plan involves knowing every aspect, including the space required for seating a human and movement, optimum utilisation of the space, and other requirements of the industry. To make the most of your hospitality fitouts Sydney, here are a few things to consider before designing your café:-

The Theme of the Café

The first thing you need to consider is the concept of your café. What type of establishment you want to have, what kind of coffee you will be serving, a mid¬-priced commercial café or a high-end café on a busy street, and other factors. Think about what type of vibe you want to create. Consult the fitout specialists before starting to design your place.


Once you figure out the concept of your restaurant, next comes the ambience. What type of ambience are you looking to give to your guests? The colours you choose, the acoustics, scent, lighting, and design elements of your café can all affect the ambience and the experience. Make sure each element have an equal balance in the right proposition to achieve the desired result.


Dining areas, food service areas, the entrance, and restrooms should be according to the standard design guidelines. Counters, serving stations, and seating areas should be designed in such a way that there’s enough space for customers, workers, and people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Make sure your café is accessible and comfortable for everybody, including your workers.


The Operational spaces of your café or restaurant is a crucial element. It includes the service areas, storage areas, food service docks, core service areas, and support staff, including HVAC equipment and sanitisation. Make sure the café design is functional.

A Customer’s first impression is influential and important. The look and feel of your café should not only convey that it is approachable but also desirable and appealing to customers. Whether it’s café or restaurant fitouts Sydney, hire a fitout specialist to bring your visions to reality.

The author is a blogger and hospitality fitouts Sydney specialist. Along with the team of professionals, he is dedicated to delivering the project on time and provides a seamless fitout experience. Visit for more details.



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