Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Charger for Your Porsche EV

So your brand new Porsche EV has been delivered, and you are excited.


So your brand new Porsche EV has been delivered, and you are excited. Now what? How to charge car, and how does it work? These are the common concerns of electric vehicle owners. There is a range of electric chargers available on the market for your Porsche. But, which one to choose? Don’t fret. We can help you choose the right Porsche electric car charger.

Choosing The Right Porsche Car Charger:-

Most plug-in Porsche electric car comes with a Level 1 charging station that allows the vehicle to be charged from a standard household charging outlet. If you have a plug-in hybrid with a limited electric range, or don’t drive much, a level 1 Porsche ev charger is all you need. Otherwise, you’ll want to opt for a level 2 charging station. Consider the following factors when you are looking for an electric charger for your vehicle:-

The Type of Plug

Which type of plug your electric car have? There are two different standard types, including type 1 and type 2. For instance, if you opt for a level 2 charger, you can opt for a charging station with a permanently connected charging cable. However, some cars don’t get charged with such types and will need the right adaptor. The charging station with a two type socket gives you complete flexibility since the mode 3 charging cable could be connected as and when required. However, a charging station with type 2 socket is recommended for charging in public areas such as hotel, office, and parking spaces. Opt for a home charger if you want to charge at your house.

Charging Speed

This is one of the significant factors you need to consider when looking for chargers for your Porsche EV. The charging speed of the vehicle depends on the type of charger you own. Based on the electric car’s inbuilt on-board charger, the power needs range from 3.7kw to 22k. A 3.7kw electric car could be charged at any charging station equipped with fast charging powers.

EV Charger Manufacturer

This is another major thing you need to factor in when looking for a charger for your EV. There is a range of electric car chargers in the market, and not all chargers are made equal. The quality of electric chargers differs from one manufacturer to the other. So, when buying a charger, make sure it is made by a quality manufacturer who is licensed and approved by leading automobile manufacturers.

By considering these factors, you should be able to find the right electric charger or station for your Porsche.

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