Things to Consider When Looking For Handmade Rugs

When it comes to uplifting the look and feel of the space, handmade oriental rugs can dramatically transform a space.


When it comes to uplifting the look and feel of the space, handmade oriental rugs can dramatically transform a space, giving it a new life and personality. Making a bold statement is all about your personal preferences of the décor elements in your house. Compared to other décor elements, rugs have the ability to add beauty to any space instantly.

Rugs are works of art and can do wonders for any space, making them a crucial part of the interior décor industry and key décor item for architects and interiors everywhere. While rugs help to beautify space, finding the right handmade carpets online can be overwhelming as there are a lot of options to choose from. Take a look at the factors your need to consider when looking for handmade rugs online:-


When it comes to handmade rugs, considering the size is crucial. You wouldn’t want to end up buying bigger or smaller size for a room. So, considering the room dimensions as well as the size of the furniture is imperative. If the carpets are too small for a room, it can impact the look of your room. The same applies to the carpets that are bigger than the floor of a room. Measure the size of your floor before looking for rugs.


When purchasing rugs, it is of utmost importance to consider what kind of room the carpet will be furnishing. If it’s for your living room, opt for an attractive one as everyone who walks in will see it, making the carpet in the hallway the main attraction. On the other hand, if it is for a bedroom, opt for something that’s comfortable. Whereas, if it is for your home office, opt for something professional yet welcoming and beautiful.


Make sure the carpet colour blends with the colour palette of your house. Ask yourself whether the colour of the rug will suit the existing colour scheme or are you staring at the rug. Of course, a neutral shade rug will look good and easier to place in any room with any colour scheme. But, it won’t enable you to make the statement you have visioned. A rug that has a neutral base with few accents of colour is one of the safest plays while adding interest.


This is one of the significant factors you need to consider when looking for handmade rugs online. While the cost of rug is determined by all of the above factors, determining how much you could afford is crucial. Good quality rugs made of premium quality materials will generally last longer.

A right handmade rug can make or break your space’s design. So, keep these factors in mind when you are purchasing handmade rugs.

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