Things You Should Know About Nissan Leaf Charger

The Nissan Leaf has cemented its status as the best-selling all-electric vehicle (EV) in the world.


The Nissan Leaf has cemented its status as the best-selling all-electric vehicle (EV) in the world. Owned Nissan Leaf? No more worry about the price of gas, as well as you’ll never have to stop for gas again anymore since the Nissan Leaf is an all-electric vehicle. It doesn’t require gas for the motor. All it needs is an electric charge. Just plug the Nissan leaf charger in and let it go. Charging is as simple as charging your cell phone. As an electric car owner, it is essential to understand the Nissan leaf charging station to make a knowledgeable purchase on the Nissan leaf charger. Continue reading to learn the facts about the Nissan leaf charger.

Nissan Leaf Charging Stations – A Quick Look!

Does your Nissan leaf have a large 40 kW battery? Then your car will need the Nissan Leaf charging station that minimises its charging times and maximises its range!

This type of EV charger is a simple or smart charging solution. Turn-key installation or supply only option available. It comes with two ways of usage; floor-standing and Wall mounted. The available charging speed of the Nissan leaf home charger will range from 3.7kW to 22kW. Since it is a durable and modular design, it doesn’t require big maintenance. Its built-in safety features will protect your home and EV from power surges and downtime.

If you purchase the Nissan leaf charger at the right company like EVSE Australia, your Nissan leaf charger purchase includes,

1. Valuable suggestion and advice, which help choose the right product that fits your car type.

2. The accredited installers will help install the Nissan leaf charger across Australia.

3. The charger will be compatible with every electric vehicle.

4. Industry-leading warranties as standard

Nissan Leaf Charger DC Fast Charger, Level 2 chargers, and Level 1 chargers

DC Fast Charging Station for Nissan Leaf

Did you know that Nissan Leaf has DC Fast Charging capabilities where many electric cars can’t be charged with the DC Fast Chargers? And, you can charge your Nissan Leaf in about 30 minutes with DC fast charger. This type of commercial electric car charging station is accessible to EV owners to use across the country.

Level 2 charging station for Nissan Leaf

Within 4 to 8 hours, you can full your Nissan Leaf battery using a Level 2 charging station. You can install a Level 2 charger at your home with the help of an electrician. It is the updated version of the standard Level 1 charging station.

Level 1 charging station for Nissan Leaf

Level 1 charging station is the best option for overnight use at home. It will be able to offer about 5 miles of range per hour of charging. It is one of the affordable options for your Nissan Leaf.

If you need one of the best Nissan leaf charging stations, contact the leading supplier of EV chargers who specialise in offer EV chargers for Nissan cars.

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