Things You Should Know About the Tesla Destination Charger

The Tesla Destination Charger is the tesla wall charger, which is a compact, high-quality unit designed for everyday use.


Heard said, “Tesla’s charging network is more reliable than its competitors!” Yes, that is true and worth words! Consumers choose Tesla over products, because Tesla’s approach was strikingly different. People can drive their Teslas for long distances in full confidence with the right tesla charger. All you need is the best charger, like the Tesla destination charger.

The Tesla Destination Charger

The Tesla Destination Charger is the tesla wall charger, which is a compact, high-quality unit designed for everyday use. And most importantly, this is completely designed and manufactured by Tesla. It is compatible with tesla models only. The Charging Speed will be around 22kW, which means you can drive 120 km for an HR of charging. This type of charger usually comes with four years warranty.

What can you expect with The Tesla Destination Charger?

1. -30°C to 50°C Operating Temperature

2. The tesla destination charger has CE approval

3. Coloured LEDs indicate the operating status

4. The tesla destination charger will meet both European & Australian standards

5. The total weight of the charger will be around 9 kg

6. As per your convenience, you can mount it in-wall or pole.

7. Robust, space-saving housing – D140 x W160 x H380mmHeight: 380 mm

8. Both indoor and outdoor rated IP44

9. The length of the charger’s cable will be 7.4m

10. The warranty of this tesla destination charger will be complete for four years.

11. This tesla destination charger will be compatible with Tesla vehicles

12. Supply circuit- 230 volts single phase or 400 volts three phase

13. Commercial grade

14. 7 KW- 22kW, 32Amp, single-phase or three-phase w/ configurable power

15. Fully designed and manufactured by Tesla. So, no need to worry about the product.

Where to Buy The Tesla Destination Charger?

To get the right Tesla Destination Charger, you should choose one of the leading EV chargers and accessories suppliers like EVSE Australia! EVSE Australia has been delivering the latest EV Charging technology at the lowest price. Now, they have listed the Tesla Destination Charger. All their work is certified and guaranteed with the backing of global brands. They also offer an installation service. All their installations are carried out professionally with a guarantee on workmanship as well.


So, are you looking for the best tesla car charger,’ Tesla Destination Charger’? Make sure you have chosen the right supplier to choose the right product. Getting the right products comes with endless benefits.

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