Timeless Kitchen Colours That You’ll Love

The kitchen is the heart of a home. A home isn’t a house without a functional kitchen. Probably you are wondering what it is about kitchens that evoke an attraction.


The kitchen is the heart of a home. A home isn’t a house without a functional kitchen. Probably you are wondering what it is about kitchens that evoke an attraction. While household kitchens were designed to prepare and cook meals, the kitchen has become the epicentre of a home over the past few years.

Now the kitchen has become a place for creating memories with friends, family, and relatives. It’s the place for the family to spend quality time, partying with friends, entertainment place, and what not. So, it makes sense to design both an aesthetically appealing and functional kitchen. Colours play a significant role in the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen. Yes, only a handful of kitchen designs and colour schemes survive the ever-changing colour trends. That’s we, house painters in Sydney inner west, we have compiled a list of classic kitchen colours that will never go out of style:-

Blues and Greys

Colour trends come and go. But, blues and greys will never go out of style as they are time-tested hues that have been in the industry for several decades. When you are in doubt about which colours to choose for your kitchen, go for blues and greys. In fact, you can’t go wrong with blue and grey colours schemes. In addition, blues and greys are versatile hues that can be mixed with any shade.

You could create any colour scheme with the blues and greys and they give a cool vibe and gorgeous look to your kitchen. Blue and grey make a great combination. Get colour consultation from painters Sydney Inner West for creating a seamless colour scheme for your kitchen.

Black And White

It is no wonder black and white are a great colour combination that will never go out of style. A black and white scheme is one of the most iconic styles, and it can work in any size space. However, don’t overdo the colours. The safest would be sticking to 10 to 20% of black so that the kitchen won’t look too dark and dull. In addition to painting walls in black and white, adding black windows and other details in black is an excellent way to give your kitchen a great look that doesn’t feel intrusive.


Probably you are sceptical about this colour, aren’t you? Well, olive is one of the understated colour. When you mix with the right colours, olive looks great in any type, style, and size of the kitchen. Try to mix it with warm woods and metals.

Off-White, Red, and Blue

When you do it right, this trio mix is an excellent colour combination. While white gives a classic look and red enhance the appetite, blue gives a liveable softness to your kitchen.

Are you looking for painting services Sydney Inner West? We got you covered. We can bring life to your kitchen with excellent colour scheme. Please call us for further queries.

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