Tips for Maintaining Commercial Paint Job

You’ve worked very hard for your business and have spent countless hours decorating your exteriors.


You’ve worked very hard for your business and have spent countless hours decorating your exteriors. Well, that’s something you should be very proud of. That said, the appearance of your facility is crucial as it has the potential to attract and retain customers. You wouldn’t want to turn off your customers by sending the wrong message to them. While a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference, maintenance is the key to enhancing the curb appeal of your building’s appearance and makes it appealing and attractive to your clients and potential customers.

If you have had recently painted, good job and you have taken first step towards investing in your office. If you fail to maintain strata painting Sydney job, you’ll have to repaint and spend a lot. Maintain your new painting job with these tips:-

Power Wash

As with any maintenance project, cleaning is important. Get the building pressure washed regularly to remove the dirt, grime, and dust from the exteriors. However, it not only removes the dirt, pollen, and dust but also extends the life of the new paint job. A dirty building can make the exteriors dab and less than desirable. Certain surfaces do well with compatible solutions, while others don’t. That’s why it is essential to hire professional strata painters Sydney for paint maintenance. They know the right combinations to extend the life of the paint and remove the dirt and dust effectively.

Fix the Issues

It is of utmost importance to check the exterior of the building regularly to find the problems and fix them before it worsens to a stage where it is irreparable. Look out for faded areas, flacking, cracking, and peeling paint, and small problems that require a touch-up or repair. Your building’s exterior is the first thing your customers will notice about your business. So, make sure your facility’s exterior is clean and attractive.

Sealant and Caulking

It is essential to maintain the caulk for several reasons. It will not only look nice but easy to fill in the gaps if there are any. In addition to it, caulking seals water and air from getting into the building. If the building is allowed to dry and crack, it will not only look sloppy but will also increase the utility bills and becomes susceptible to water damages which could be expensive.

Interior and Exterior Touch-Ups

Interior and exterior touch-ups are crucial to maintaining the building’s curb appeal. Both interior and exterior of the facility may require touch-ups and don’t ignore. Touch-ups not only make your building appealing but also make the paint long-lasting.

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