Tips for Maintaining Your Colour-Treated Hair

So you have coloured your hair recently. Colouring your hair is no longer restricted to grey and black.


So you have coloured your hair recently. Colouring your hair is no longer restricted to grey and black. Yes, from pastel to bold shades, there are a lot of shades to change the way you look. However, be it brunette, black, red, platinum blonde, or even pink hair, it’s vital to take care of your colour-treated hair to make it last longer.

Nothing is as frustrating and overwhelming as spending hundreds of dollars for getting your hair coloured with the latest colour only to have it fade away after a few weeks due to lack of care. Since dyed hair is fragile and susceptible to damage, it requires a personalised hair care regimen to make it last for a longer period.

It’s a good idea to visit the hair salon Sydney for touch-ups regularly to maintain the colour. However, if visiting the salon for maintenance isn’t an option for you, these tips from the best hairdresser Sydney should help you:-

Use a Colour Protective Shampoo

A normal shampoo won’t do any good to your coloured hair. The type of shampoo you use for washing your hair plays a significant role in maintaining your hair colour and vibrancy. Use a specially formulated shampoo for colour-treated hair when you wash your hair. It will help to maintain your hair’s PH level and protect your hair.

In addition, using exclusive shampoo for treated hair will help to maintain the colour and ensure it doesn’t fade away quickly. The hydrating and nourishing properties present in the shampoo restore and repair your hair, leaving it moisturised. Avoid shampoos that have chemicals like alcohol and sulphates as they can damage your hair permanently.

Do Not Shampoo Your Hair Immediately After Colouring

It is advisable to wait for at least three days after colouring. Washing your hair immediately after colouring your hair can wash off the colour easily. This is because the chemical processing when colouring the hair leaves the hair cuticles open and prone to damages, and hair colour can alter the hair structure. So, never shampoo your hair immediately.

Condition Your Hair

It’s vital to use a conditioner after shampooing your dyed hair to maintain the moisture. However, ensure the conditioner is also colour-safe like your shampoo. Conditioner helps in sealing the cuticles and locking the moisture that adds volume, shine, and lush to the hair.

Don’t Over-Wash

Be it normal or colour-treated hair, over washing can strip off the natural oil and moisture present in the hair. So, it’s not a good idea to wash it frequently. Weekly thrice would be a better option.

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