Tips To Maintain Your Heriz Rugs in Good Condition

Buying authentic Heriz rugs online is a wise investment, and as the owner, you must look after it properly.


Buying authentic Heriz rugs online is a wise investment, and as the owner, you must look after it properly. Your Heriz rugs will become a valued family item with simple care and maintenance. Maintaining a hand-knotted rug isn’t as difficult as you would assume. Even if you regularly maintain it yourself, get it skilfully washed by a professional at least once in a decade to remove the dust that has been settled in its deep layers. Here’s how to keep your rugs in top condition:

Cleaning regularly

Your handmade Heriz rugs should be cleaned carefully with a brush or a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. This keeps grit and dust from accumulating. You should rotate the rug every now and then to avoid unequal sun exposure. Cleaning your rugs on a regular basis also ensures greater air quality. If you’re walking on the rug in indoor sandals, make sure they’re clean.


If you have pets, make sure they don’t use your rug as a toy (or, worse, a toilet!). Scratching causes physical damage that can usually be repaired, but pet urine can produce staining and damage that is difficult to repair. If your pet isn’t trained, keep a watch on them to make sure they don’t ruin your rug.


Because handmade Heriz rugs are constructed of natural materials, including wool, dampness is a big hazard. Damage to the rug will be easy to come by. If wool is wet for an extended period of time, it can readily shrink. If you are looking for Heriz carpets for sale, you can rely on Rugs Online.

Heat & sunlight

Constant exposure to high temperatures, such as that found in a fireplace, can dry out the wool’s natural oils. This may cause your rug to become brittle. Similarly, exposing your rug to intense sunlight for a lengthy period of time may cause it to fade.

Although some fading of handmade rugs is acceptable, the damage caused may shorten their lifespan. With the help of curtains or blinds, try to avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight. As previously stated, rotate your rugs on a regular basis to avoid substantial damage in one area.

Remove spills

Any spilling on your Heriz rugs for sale should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Using kitchen paper towels blot the afflicted area. If your wool rug still has a residue, use a carpet shampoo made with warm water and a teaspoon of white vinegar. After soaking a moist cloth, blot immediately. Allow as much time as possible for the rug to dry. If you discover that your rug has been destroyed, contact a professional as soon as possible. Cleaning or preserving a Heriz rug isn’t difficult, but it does necessitate a great deal of attention.

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