Touring Day Care? Red Flags You Need to Consider

You were looking for child care in Ashfield and overwhelmed with the choices.


You were looking for child care in Ashfield and overwhelmed with the choices. However, you’ve narrowed down your choices with great effort and prepared a list of schools that you feel the best. But, are they good enough as in pictures and displayed themselves on the website. Probably that’s why you’re planning to tour the facility, aren’t you? Actually, you should ensure the early learning Ashfield centre provides a supportive and nurturing environment for your kid to thrive and have a positive experience.

It’s important to know what to look for in a quality day care centre and the signs that indicate a potential problem. You can’t be with your child the whole day at school, and you need to ensure your child receives the best care possible. So, to help you make informed decisions, we’ve listed some of the red flags that you need to look out for when touring the facility.

Uncleanliness and Unsafe

Does the overall environment feel shabby, dirty, and disorganised? Maybe the place is not organised properly or the toys aren’t age appropriate. Perhaps you notice the place is not safe or staff don’t wash their hands after changing diapers, cleaning the place, etc. If you notice something like this, please look for other schools on your list.

The Day Care Isn’t Licensed

Never enrol your child in day care that’s not licensed and insured. In fact, it’s illegal. Ask the day care for their license number and cross-check online. You can find the database of licensed childcare facilities for your state on a government website.

Children are Unhappy

The chances are the caregiver might have five or more babies who’re all miserable at the same time that you choose to visit. However, it’s still important to consider it as your little one is going to the same environment and you’ll want her to be happy.

The Place is Small and Crowded

This will be one of the obvious red flags you should watch out for when you walk into the door. There’s nothing wrong with the small place. But, if the centre is fully packed and crowded, the day care is most likely breaking the laws in your state, and it’s not safe. Each state has a set ratio of children to staff that day care shouldn’t breach.

Lack of Communication

Ask the centre will they conduct meetings regularly and report your child’s progress. A good Ashfield child care will encourage parents to be as involved as possible in their child’s care. Meetings with the teachers are one of the best ways to stay connected and know about your child’s performance and the areas she should improve. If the centre doesn’t have regular meetings for parents and discourages them from visiting the staff and staying involved, it’s a sign that you’ll have to look for a day care that communicates well and is willing to share your child’s improvements. The day care should provide you with regular reports and updates on the child’s activities and progress.

Don’t ignore these red flags when you’re touring the facility, and make sure you’re choosing the best day care for your little one.

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