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The power of television, especially in advertising, has always been recognized by many marketers. Creating consistent marketing materials for TV advertising has also opened up the world of brand building.

The power of television, especially in advertising, has always been recognized by many marketers. Creating consistent marketing materials for TV advertising has also opened up the world of brand building. Despite this, television’s ability to create awareness and maintain long-term retention has caused its other features to be overlooked, especially in being effective as a catalyst for rapid response.

In our current era, digital platforms have become the go-to marketing venue for startup companies and collecting data from their consumers. It’s the fast-paced nature of the digital landscape that has led many marketers to make their focus for investments and returns.

For marketers however, there’s new findings that television is not only effective as a catalyst for rapid response but also helps improve the performance of media channels that rely on short-term response.

With tv advertising rates being a concern for marketers especially in the beginning, they tend to brush aside TV advertising for the bigger companies who can fund them. It’s no surprise that tv advertising is an investment for some then, but this new found value in television can help their planning and brand building in both short-term and long-term.

Research proved the strength of television as a catalyst for rapid response, as expected. What it also found was that over long-term campaigns, television was the strongest driver for return on investment. Other media channels simply dwindled despite ongoing investment, while television maintained its longevity.

TV advertising, long-term but for how long?

The research was observed over multiple years and campaigns, so knowing this now and thinking of the best tv advertising rates, one thing every marketer knows is that focusing in TV advertising means investing and making that one ad stick out.

While television advertising can be a hefty penny especially with content production and media purchases, these costs are justifiable by the end of a campaign. In a way, TV has in a way become a key ingredient to enhancing the marketing campaigns across different platforms as well, including social, display and digital video platforms.

Investing in TV advertising then is one of the strongest moves marketeers can make, inviting an improvement for both short-term and long-term brand building. They’re guaranteed to have an increase of loyal consumers and intrigued customers, if not meet their goals for both, while ensuring the longevity of their other platforms.

While in our current situation of home-working, conditions and demands might place greater pressure for marketers to meet their targets, television has continued to prove itself to be one of the strongest mediums and drivers we have in our current media landscape.

With such a strong medium that’s prevalent across different households, and available for different communities and generations, it’s no wonder then how even now new findings are found especially in tests with other platforms and mediums.

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