Warning Signs That Indicate a Blockage in the Sewer Line

Nothing is as frustrating as dealing with clogged sewer lines. In fact, it’s the most dreaded plumbing problem for many homeowners in Markham.


Nothing is as frustrating as dealing with clogged sewer lines. In fact, it’s the most dreaded plumbing problem for many homeowners in Markham. A clogged sewer line can soon turn into a major expensive repair if not addressed at the right time. In most cases, improper use of fixtures, drains, pipes, and many other factors is the major cause of blockage in sewer lines.

Eventually, it can escalate to the point of needing some serious repair or even replacement. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on fixing your main sewer lines. Knowing the signs of clogged sewer lines can help prevent you from dealing with major repairs and replacements.

If you spot any of the following signs, call your plumber right away:-

Frequent Backups in Drains

If you are frequently encountering problems with plumbing Markham drain in your house, it’s a tell-tale sign indicating an underlying issue inside your main sewer line. Backups in the drain: you could notice this problem in multiple pipe drains simultaneously because one drain usually doesn’t indicate a major issue with the sewer line. If you notice your toilet, laundry, and other plumbing drain is backing up water at the same time, it’s probably because of the blockage in your main sewer line. Call a professional plumber for drain cleaning right away.

Unusual Sounds When Using Fixtures

If you hear gurgling sounds or notice unusual reactions at the fixtures, including toilets, tub and shower, sink, and washing machine, a blocked sewer pipeline could be the problem. The blockage could be due to tree roots that have made their way into your home’s sewer line. If you have a tree planted near your main sewer line, there are high chances that it’s the root causing the problem.

Sewer Cleanout Overflowing

If you notice water flows up or out of the sewer line cleanout, the sewer line is clogged. See, the sewer clean outline is a covered pipe that plumbers use to clean the drains. If the water is overflowing from that pipe, it’s a tell-tale sign indicating it can’t drain the water properly and there’s a blockage.

Water waste is a major health hazard, and you might make the problem worse if you procrastinate or overlook the signs or even try to fix it by yourself. Clearing clogged sewer lines and drain repair Markham require proper tools. A plumbing Markham expert can help fix a clogged sewer line before the wastewater damages your house.

The author is an experienced and skilled emergency plumber Markham. He specializes in repairing residential plumbing and offer 24 Hour Emergency plumbing services. Visit https://savingplumbing.ca/ for more details.



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