Web Design Mistakes That’s Harming Your SEO

It’s nothing new that SEO is crucial for promoting and growing your business online and offline.


It’s nothing new that SEO is crucial for promoting and growing your business online and offline. SEO allows you to boost your website’s rankings in search engines, attract more visitors, convert leads into sales, and create brand awareness, and more importantly, stay at the top. That said, website design is as important as getting your SEO strategies right. This is because both website design and SEO are directly proportional to each other. One wrong move can affect the site’s performance.

Compromising or ignoring SEO when designing a website can affect your digital marketing goals. Web design Albuquerque plays a significant role in attracting more traffic. But, sometimes, even if you have a good web design, you won’t be able to get visitors. It’s because of the design mistakes that impact your SEO.

You’ll want to take a look at these web design mistakes as shared by digital marketing Albuquerque experts:-

Overlooking Page Load Speed

Todays’ customers expect a fast and easy web experience when they are searching for something on the internet. You have got only 2 seconds to create the best impression on your visitors and prevent them from leaving your website in frustration. Also, search engines consider page load speed as one of their major ranking factors. If your website is taking ages to load the content and images, it’s going to affect your rankings and business. Please focus on optimizing your website for page load speed.

Not Optimizing For Mobile Users

Did you know? About 275 million Americans use a smartphone. It means that potential customers might try to access your website from their smartphones and tablets. In fact, about 50% of smartphone users tend to conduct a local search using their phone and trying to find a product or service local. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile and tablets, you’ll be losing a huge pool of potential customers. Your competitors who have mobile-friendly websites are five times more likely to retain their visitors and convert the leads into customers. So, you better optimize your website for mobile users.

Insufficient Content

Gone are the days when contents were shorter. These days, website content should have at least 1000words, and it might change over time. If you want to have better results, invest at least 6 hours in curating a well-informative and engaging content for your users. However, just because you need long content, it doesn’t mean you have to fill it with words. Make sure your content has valuable information that meets Google’s standards.

Poorly Optimized Meta Tags

It’s the Meta tags that let the search engine crawlers know about the contents of your web pages. In short, Meta tags helps the search engine decipher to identify the contents of the page. If the Meta tags aren’t optimized properly, it will affect your site’s rankings and performance.

Try not to make these mistakes. With proper guidance and support from the experts of seo company Albuquerque, it’s possible to avoid these mistakes when designing your website.

The author is a web designer who works in a reputed digital marketing Albuquerque company. Along with the team of professionals, he implements proven SEO strategies that help to generate leads. Visit https://www.1stinseo.com/ for more details.



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