Website Design Factors You Should Consider

Many entrepreneurs and businesses dipping into digital marketing often think and consider SEO and web design to be separate aspects of their website.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses dipping into digital marketing often think and consider SEO and web design to be separate aspects of their website. However, you shouldn’t.

In fact, to do both correctly, SEO and web design Sydney techniques must collaborate. Google is more concerned with how your site looks and feels than you might think. Even if it cannot “see” it in the same way that a human user can, there are advantages to building a responsive website that will strengthen your SEO more than ever.

When attempting to improve the performance of your website, keep in mind that you must consider several factors at the same time. In both life and digital marketing, we have a tendency to focus all of our attention on one or two critical elements while overlooking something similarly vital. Your website must also be well-designed, or you risk losing all of the organic equity you’ve been accumulating.

SEO and web design Sydney are more closely related than many companies understand.

Before diving into the best website design Sydney companies considered factors, it is vital to understand that website design is inherent in doing your SEO work.

Web design can wipe away or harm your SEO: Many businesses will introduce a new website or revamp to a new domain name and see their SEO progress vanish overnight because they failed to set up 301 redirects. A 301 redirect informs search engines where to look for a redirected page.

SEO can have an impact on your website design: When it comes to SEO best practices for web designs as well as considering the website design Sydney prices that includes page speed optimisation and site architecture, you’ll often find that these factors have a direct impact on how you design your site. If you ignore SEO, you will struggle to rank where you want.

Best website design Sydney firms know that components blend and flow so well together that, when done correctly, your website visitors should not notice anything about what you’ve created; they should simply begin navigating through your site.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when you avail website design Sydney prices of packages.

1. Mobile Friendly Design

Anyone even remotely familiar with SEO or web design Sydney strategies should understand the significance of making the site mobile-friendly and adapt its design to smartphones.

A growing number of Internet users are browsing websites on smartphones and other mobile devices, and your website must be widely available to all of them. Not only will this provide a good user experience to your potential clients, but it will also increase your odds of ranking well now that search engines consider mobile-friendliness to be a ranking factor.

Without a mobile-friendly website design, you lose half of your potential users, which is an enormous amount of opportunity loss. In addition, a website with a high bounce rate resulting from not loading properly on a phone or tablet will send negative signals to Google, and your rankings may suffer as a result.

2. Readability Design

If you’ve been working on improving your SEO, you’ve probably spent a lot of time on content. However, some people may not realise how much of an impact a website’s design can have on your content, or at least how it is presented.

Best web design Sydney firms acknowledged that users may be unable to read what they came to your website to do due to poor web design. Pages with content blocks in odd places, with too many hyperlinks that don’t serve a clear purpose, essentially erase any audience you managed to bring onto your site.

3. Website Navigation

When looking for website design Sydney prices or packages, navigation is one of the factors you should consider. Although this is one of the most important components of a great user experience, you should keep things simple. The more easily your site visitors can find what they want and need, the more likely they will convert.

Simple navigation also reduces the likelihood of your visitors becoming confused and leaving your site, which can reduce your bounce rate and improve your rankings.

The relationship between web design and SEO is complicated and in-depth, but any questions about how your site combines the two, or if you are thinking about starting a design or redesign project, contact your local SEO firms to help you.

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