What Causes Paint To Peel?

Why is my paint peeling? This is the most common question that we have been asked.


Why is my paint peeling? This is the most common question that we have been asked. Peeling paint is one of the most common problems every homeowner encounters at one point in time. The curling and blistering paint and messy tangle of cracks could be unsightly as it affects the aesthetic appearance of a home or office. You’ll need to remove the peeling paint areas and start over with fresh coats of paint to fix this issue. While you can save money and spend a few hours doing it by yourself, it is advisable to hire the painters in Sydney so that they can identify the cause and fix the peeling paint. Certain jobs need professional intervention, and house painting Sydney is one of them.

The reasons for peeling paint can vary widely and it can occur a few days to years after painting the walls and wood. Knowing the causes could help prevent paint from peeling and make informed decisions.

Here are the most common causes of peeling:-


Moisture is the biggest enemy of a building as it can wreak havoc on the structure. In fact, moisture is the major cause of not only peeling paint but also many structural damages in a home or office. Peeling occurs from the wall when water penetrates under the paint. Hence, the most common areas of peeling paint to occur are in the wettest areas in your house, including the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen.

When the paint starts to enter through the coats of paint, the layers will start to separate and detach from the surface. The water can originate anywhere from gutter, leaking roof, and flashing. Besides, excess humidity and leaky roofs can also cause the paint to peel from the walls. Even if there is no water damage, moisture could do all the damage. Ensure to fix the water leaks as soon as you notice.

The Painting Surface Wasn’t Prepared Properly

Many homeowners tend to rush up the painting project, overlooking the prep of the walls. But, preparation of the painting surface is the key to a successful painting job. Make sure the area is cleaned and allowed to dry completely before painting the walls. Painting on the dirty wall will make the paint crack or peel over time. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to prime the wall before painting to ensure the paint adheres to the wall.

Building Age

A paint job doesn’t last forever, especially if the building is very old. The age of the building is also a common cause of peeling paint.

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