What Is A Portable Gas Detector And How Could You Be Benefited?

In addition to causing irreparable damage to workers, gas exposure and fire can cause indirect loss to the environment, property and have a negative impact on productivity.


Do you have the right equipment to keep your worker and facility safe? Magnetic fields, poisonous gases, and harmful radiations can all negatively impact your workers. In some cases, it can lead to fatal injuries, resulting in death. In fact, workplace hazards lead to 100 deaths per day in Australia.

In addition to causing irreparable damage to workers, gas exposure and fire can cause indirect loss to the environment, property and have a negative impact on productivity. This is when Portable gas detectors come to the rescue. If you are looking for solutions to keep the work environment safe, portable gas detectors are a viable option.

What Is A Portable Gas Detector?

Portable gas detectors are gadgets designed to alert the presence of hazardous gases present in the area and to what degree. They are personal gas detectors that could be carried along with and are exclusively designed to keep workers and others safe from hazardous by continuously monitoring the operator’s breath zone, while working and moving the workplace, especially in confined areas.

Some portable gas monitors are equipped to test locations for safety entry in confined spaces before they enter in. Generally, portable gas detectors are small and lightweight enough to be worn on clothing or belt. Although these devices are small, they are effective and essential in identifying the presence of gases present in the area.

With the strict workplace health and safety rules and regulations, there’s a big pressure to enhance the safety and integration of workers and these portable gas detectors play a significant role in saving lives.

How Could You Be Benefited Using Portable Gas Detectors?

Portable gas detectors are life safety devices that alert and alarms to the wearer when target gas present in the area exceeds the limit and the place is no longer safe to work. However, it shouldn’t be mixed with gas leak detectors or analysers which are intended as life safety devices. Portable gas detectors can screen for gases that might enter the operator’s breathing zone or be used for confined spaces for testing. They are available in diffusion-based and be pumped depending on the application. Portable gas detectors are best for places where it’s impractical to fit a fixed system.

Suitable For

-Sewage workers

-Workers who are maintaining tanks, including process vessels, aircraft fuel tanks, etc.

-Gas delivery drivers

-Large process sites

-Workers in confined spaces

Why Choose Portable Gas Detectors?

-Easy to use and carry

-Protects an individual directly

-It can be integrated with lone worker alarms

-Can be monitored remotely and centrally

If fixed systems are impractical in your industry, opt for portables and ensure the workplaces is safe for you and your workers.

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