What Size Of Chip On Your Windscreen Can Be Repaired?

Replacing your windshield might seem like the only choice when you have a large crack, but that isn’t always the case.


Replacing your windshield might seem like the only choice when you have a large crack, but that isn’t always the case. While you should definitely repair your windshield as soon as possible, there are certain cracks that are small enough to be fixed without replacing your entire windshield or spending any money at all. Find out what size of chip can be repaired and whether it’s even worth doing in the first place by reading on.

Why Do Chips Appear On Windscreens?

The causes of windshield chips vary, but they’re usually caused by small stones and gravel that are kicked up by other vehicles as they travel on roads. Hitting these tiny particles at high speeds can cause chips in windscreens that require repair. For example, if your windscreen is already slightly cracked or you have chipped it before, a new chip might make a crack start to spread. In order to prevent potentially more expensive repairs down the road—like replacement—it’s important to have small chips fixed right away. This is especially true for cracks smaller than an inch long or narrow chips that could get worse with continued exposure to sunlight over time.

Windscreen Repair Vs. Replacement

If your vehicle has a small to medium sized damage on your windscreen, you may wonder if it’s necessary to get it replaced with a new one. However, chances are that repairing that damage is cheaper and easier than getting an entirely new windscreen for your car. That said, there are some factors to consider before deciding whether or not you need windshield replacement or repair instead.

How Often Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

Most car manufacturers recommend having your windscreen replaced after a certain number of years. While you can always opt for windshield repair Sydney over windscreen replacement, it’s important to consider when windshield damage requires a full replacement. If you have cracked or chipped glass, it is time to invest in new glass if your auto insurance doesn’t cover windshield replacement.

Who Should Replace The Windscreen Glass?

Regardless of what caused your car’s windscreen to break, you have three main options: you can try to repair it yourself (if you’re comfortable working with glass), get a local auto glass specialist to do it, or go through your insurance company. If you choose option one, in most cases it may damage your windscreen badly. So it is always better to hire a specialist who provide excellent windscreens repair or windscreens replacement in Sydney.

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