What to Wear in the Metaverse?

Metawear is taking also a pioneer role in transforming Textile and Fashion industry into the metaverse. This is a huge project aiming to convert 3 trillion dollars real fashion industry to the metaverse with all its components.

“The new real is what you can imagine in the metaverse.” said Dr. A. Bahadır Yener founder of Metaverse Wear (MetaWear)

He is a famous Turkish academic just like the founder of Avalanche (Avax) Emin Sir Gür. Avalanche reached 1.1 million transactions in a day (96% percent of Ethereum transaction count), such an amazing accomplishment.

Metawear is taking also a pioneer role in transforming Textile and Fashion industry into the metaverse. This is a huge project aiming to convert 3 trillion dollars real fashion industry to the metaverse with all its components.


Full Scale Fashion Operation

Manufacturing digital clothes, distributing and selling them as multi-platform NFT wearable items, introducing classic brands to the digital world, maintaining digital multi-platform shopping malls, training sector professionals… A full-scale fashion business eco-system for the upcoming new worlds. The bridge between the real word fashion and the metaverse worlds.

MetaWear has used the “what will you wear in metaverse” slogan from its day one and last week The New York Times, one of the most famous news source in the world, carried this slogan into their headlines. This is a huge news and with this hype going on, we can already safely claim that this is the future’s question.

Early-Stage Perfect GEM (Private Sale 1)

Metawear is a proven GEM. It’s now at early stage but the project is backed up several big Venture Capitals such as GTS and Insider Ventures already.

GTS (Gem Token Search) is a huge famous Venture Capital and they are famous to find the best and the most promising projects when they are initially started. Now they discovered MetaWear, just like Insider Ventures.

Metawear has balanced multinational reputable investor from United Kingdom, Japan but they are also so strong in CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine) and India. Moreover, the project leader is an acclaimed Turkish academic. So, this project is geographically in the middle of crypto investment heaven, a perfect location to start this project at the perfect timing.

Strong Team from Business Professionals

Metawear also has a real-world business and a huge engagement with famous textile companies. Founder of the project (Dr. A. Bahadir Yener) has 25 years of experience as a business development engineer and is the author of the business development and marketing strategy book “Engineering of Sales” that was published worldwide. Two Textile oriented heads of the project have also 30 years’ experience of each.


Which World Should We Choose to Invest in the Metaverse?

MetaWear is not only claiming to be the biggest Digital Multi-Platform NFT Clothes Manufacturer for the Metaverse, but also the founder and owner of the first and biggest Multi-Universe Fashion Shopping Mall where our clients and designers sell and demonstrate their detailed NFT Fashion Items. Heart of the NFT Wearables Trades and The Perfect Metaverse Real Estate Property to invest. Buy, Rent, Operate or Convert to $WEAR anytime you want. (Perfect investment with purchase back guarantee by owner “First in Metaverse Worlds”)

You can buy a store in this fashion mall, then you can rent this shop to others, or you can design and create your NFT wearables and sell them to the millions of people or you can convert your shop to WEAR. If you decide to do so, you don’t need to find a client because MetaWEAR gives purchase back guaranty at any time. Hence, this is a convertible investment.



Multinational Attention on the Project

Project has been appealed for investment requests from 115 different countries in a single day. Because, it’s the simple idea of bringing fashion into metaverse. People who get this idea want to be a part of this huge and one of the most clear and understandable metaverse projects. People love it because they got it at the first glance.

No Whales Allowed or paid ads only WEAR Token Owner Influencers and KOL’s

Company has very strategic marketing plan that is prepared by professionals. They don’t want whales amongst investors. There is a maximum investment limit and they don’t accept over this cap even from sector giants and they make outstanding offer to micro ventures and provide influencers with investment opportunities. If you are a small or mid cap influencer or crypto or fashion sector professional (People from crypto or fashion eco system), you can have private investors allocation. In order to invest and be a part of this project, at Private Sale 1 Stage with most advantageous prices and get the opportunity to share same as top VC’s as an early bird investor.

Strong Community

Project has already a big community 25K followers on twitter 22K on telegram and an other 23K on discord. And they are all active full of historical development of the project. Fresh news about partnerships and collaborations.

So Much to Discover

There are numerous branches under the project. IN game Fashion, Multi-Platform Wearables Collections, Accessories, Shopping Malls, Design Academies, Design Shows and Events.

And they have their real World and Metaverse clients and partners already.

They will cloth whole Metafluence’ s global influencers and KOL’s in Metafluence universe digitally. As this is a done deal and this means that MetaWear has already contracted digital fashion manufacturers: approximately 500.000 influencer world-wide.

Mr. Yener says they will sign lots of famous brands for digitalization soon. He adds: “I can’t wait to sign Armani, Gucci and Prada and wear my Prada suit in my meetings in the Metaverse.”

This is innovative and brand new. This is huge, groundbreaking. This is very needed and very beautiful at the same time. This is a fancy business and a huge business opportunity, and a token ready to invest attached to this business.

If you want to see how its look like? Please watch the video



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