When Should You Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, hiring a personal injury attorney is an important decision to make.


If you have been involved in a car accident, hiring a personal injury attorney is an important decision to make. There are several circumstances when a competent car accident lawyer in Albuquerque NM can help you out. Insurance companies will try hard to not provide you a compensation for your claim. They will always have an unjustifiable reason for why they don’t want to pay you. In such situations, a lawyer’s service is absolutely necessary. Here are different instances when you should hire a personal injury attorney to get a fair settlement:

When Evidence is Crucial:

Presenting evidence is important in a car accident case so as to know who is at fault. The victims must try and take photographs of the incident. They can also get surveillance camera footage from nearby stores, which is helpful for making a strong case. Since a majority of businesses rewrite their footage within a few days, make sure to get that evidence as soon as possible. Other evidences include skid marks on the pavement, broken debris and more.

When there are Deadlines:

You cannot file a person injury claim at a time that is convenient for you, since there are legal deadlines in place. The statute of limitations is usually three years, beyond which you will not be able to file a lawsuit. Therefore, talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in Albuquerque NM before this deadline.

Insurance companies would also have their own deadlines, so when you don’t approach them before the specified end date, you may not get a compensation. Hiring a personal injury attorney is your best bet, since they will keep track of such deadlines, and carry out the procedures responsibly for you.

When Treatment is Needed:

If you were injured in the accident and you’re receiving medical treatment for the same, contact a personal injury law firm in Albuquerque. You will have to collect medical records and take photos of your injuries before negotiating with an insurance company. Your lawyer will use this evidence when dealing with the insurers to get a good settlement.

When You are Blamed for the Accident:

Negotiating with an insurance company is almost a nightmare. If you are absolutely sure that you are not at fault for the accident, your lawyer can reinforce this fact with proper evidence. Certain states follow a principle called Comparative Negligence. It means that when the victim is partly responsible for the accident, a corresponding amount of compensation would be adjusted accordingly. Lawyers can fight this allegation if it’s unfair to you, and ensure to maximize the compensation.

Consult with an Albuquerque personal injury attorney if you need help. The experts will fight for you to get a compensation for your injuries or property damage.

The author is working in a recognized personal injury law firm in Albuquerque for more than four years. He regularly provides insights and tips on personal injury law through his articles published on several websites. For more information, visit https://www.lucerolawoffice.com/



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