Why does The Dental Implant Cost in Melbourne Completely Worth it?

Decided to get a dental implant to replace your missed tooth? Pat yourself on the back as you have chosen the best option for your oral health! But not sure about the dental implants cost Melbourne?


Decided to get a dental implant to replace your missed tooth? Pat yourself on the back as you have chosen the best option for your oral health! But not sure about the dental implants cost Melbourne? Don’t worry; here we are to help you guide you about the cost of dental implants. One thing is sure; the single dollar you will spend for your dental implant is completely worth paying as dental implants come with endless benefits. Yes, the cost of dental implants will be a little expensive, but if you choose the right dental implant, you can make it as affordable.

The Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne is Affordable

If you are looking to have dental implants in Melbourne, you are in luck, as you can have cheap dental implants in Melbourne without compromising the quality of the treatment. The cost of a dental implant in Melbourne is just $1500! Also, discounts may apply for cases requiring more than two dental implants.

Here are the costs of the dental implants in full detail.

Cost of Implant Fixture

Usually, the cost of the dental implant fixture will be $1500. This comes due to the material used – Titanium.

Titanium is considered the most biocompatible metal. Due to its resistance to corrosion from bodily fluids, this material is not harmful or toxic to living tissue. This ability to withstand the harsh bodily environment is a result of the protective oxide film that forms naturally in the presence of oxygen. So, for crafting the dental implant fixture, titanium is used.

Also, most of the dentists in Melbourne use Australian certified and approved titanium material for crafting implant fixtures for good quality. So, this quality material adds some cost to your dental implant procedure.

Cost of the Implant Crown

The cost of the dental implant crown will usually be around $1350. This price is due to the two materials. They are,

1. Porcelain metal

2. Zirconia prosthetics

Zirconia crystal

Zirconia crowns are the hardest and strongest type of ceramic crown available. This material makes the crown so long-wearing and withstands biting and chewing forces exceptionally well. Zirconia is colour matched to the natural teeth. However, they are not as translucent and light-reflecting as other porcelain crowns due to the very opaque colour of the ceramic.

Porcelain Metal

Porcelain is layered over and bonded to the metal base to give the crown its tooth-like shape and colour. In a way, a PFM crown gives the best of both worlds for strength and aesthetics, which means they are a suitable choice for either front or back teeth. Next to all-metal crowns, they are the second most long-wearing choice. Zirconia teeth may have a higher initial cost but may actually be more cost-efficient in the long term because they are less likely to break or wear out.

Cost of Full Dental Implants

Implant Fixture Cost + Implant Crown Cost= Full Dental Implant Cost

So, adding both the charge for the implant fixture and crown, the dental implant cost will be $2850! And with $2850, you will get your new artificial tooth, which is completely worth paying.

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