Why Hosted PBX is Essential Especially During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A cloud based phone system for small business plays an important role in establishing and improving workplace communication and collaboration.


cloud based phone system for small business plays an important role in establishing and improving workplace communication and collaboration. The benefits of implementing a cloud hosted PBX phone platform for business operations vary from one company to another. Its benefits are widely seen today, especially now that the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in lots of businesses transitioning to a work-from-home setup.

The pandemic has opened up excellent opportunities for businesses to migrate from hardware-based phone systems to cloud based business phone system or what we also call virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange).

Here are several reasons why cloud based phone system for small business can be vital to remote workplaces.

1. Cloud hosted PBX can let your teams communicate and connect virtually, leading to the business operating cost-effectively.

Moving to the cloud eliminates the need to purchase, install, and maintain all the hardware required for an onsite phone system. Instead, the service provider assumes the majority of that responsibility. In addition, tools like an online service portal make management and configuration much easier for your IT team to monitor its use.

Cloud based business phone system for small business is delivered via the software-as-a-service model, and businesses will pay monthly on a per-user basis. That means there will be no long-term contracts or early termination fees or big depreciation costs.

In addition, cloud-hosted PBX provides the flexibility to connect your distributed and remote teams. For example, instead of placing an order, shipping, and arranging hardware or equipment for each remote employee, businesses can request that they download an application to their computer and smartphone or simply log in to a website.

2. Cloud based business phone system provides an additional layer of security for business and remote workers.

Even if you are a small or medium-sized business, cloud-hosted PBX systems come with enterprise-grade security to protect the business and its employees while they are in a remote setup. Compared to a traditional PBX, cloud-hosted PBX phone solutions provide greater security. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that no one gains access to you’re the usernames or passwords linked to your cloud based business phone system. As support to businesses, hosted PBX solutions include call encryption and server monitoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. The use of a virtual PBX increases the productivity of remote teams.

Service providers recognise that businesses require more than just standalone business phone systems. The shift to remote work only highlights this need. Teams in different locations and time zones must communicate over the phone and for instance chat.

As a result, many providers incorporate cloud hosted PBX into their unified application service offerings, providing remote employees with team messaging in addition to traditional calls. By consolidating these communication channels, employees can cooperate simultaneously and autonomously (messaging) from the same app or portal.

Whether used as a standalone business phone system or as part of a unified service platform, Cloud-hosted PBX delivers high performance, reliability, and security at a lower cost than traditional hardware-based phone systems.

The author is working in a recognised company offering a superior cloud based phone system for small business. In this article, he explains the benefits of using cloud telephony. For more information, visit https://tiggadesk.com/



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