Why Is BTS Merchandise Demand High?

Kpop has dominated the world in more ways than one in 2020, which, indisputably, was the weirdest year yet.


Kpop has dominated the world in more ways than one in 2020, which, indisputably, was the weirdest year yet. In that, BTS is top among them! BTS are a K-pop (or Korean pop) group made up of seven members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook – who come from all over South Korea. This seven-member K-pop group has become a global sensation. Not only has their soothing tunes served as doses of dopamine, but fans also gain comfort from collecting BTS merchandise from the leading kpop online store. Recent research says, k-pop fans spend well over AUD 1500 on their idols concert tickets, albums, and most importantly, merch; with that on average, BTS ARMY takes the lead at AU $1,900.

What BTS Leader RM Says?

In the mid-2010s, RM, leader of the boy band BTS, realized that K-pop had gone international. He described one of their first performances outside Asia, “Thousands of fans were calling our name at the venue, and almost everyone memorized the Korean lyrics of our songs, which was amazing and overwhelming.” They also inspire ARMY to match the band’s $1 million black lives matter donation

BTS $1 Million Donation for Black Lives Matter

The year when the United States was undergoing country-wide anti-racism protests, Black Lives Matter, BTS and their fans did not hesitate in expressing their solidarity.

BTS ARMY in the US made news with their clever online campaigns taking over racist hashtags. In an interview, the BTS band opened up on their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, after first launching a donation drive on June 1, within 24 hours, one in an ARMY, fan collective and charity project made by ARMY announced that it had raised over $1 million in donations. So, once again, BTS and ARMY have proved their positive influence by raising $1 million! BTS and Big Hit Entertainment’s $1 million donations to Black Lives Matter inspired fans to band together and match, giving that amount to BLM and other organizations committed to racial equality. This inspires additional millions of people and makes the demand for BTS kpop merchandise online high.

BTS Fans

“You see, this is why I love BTS. They are so much more than just music. They inspire everyone to be a better version of themselves and try to make this world a better place to live in.”

“For me as an Army “BTS” is one of our inspirations not only for Armys but to everyone. I’m so proud because I am an Army, Army who will fight for the right and equality. BTS really deserves what they are today. My co-Army, let’s continue what BTS started, to help others and to protect others. I purple you all my co-Armys stay strong and fight for the right.”

Final Words

Global music sensation BTS are known for their songs which have messages of motivation, not giving up, and self-love. These boys have been known to implement these messages through their actions as well. So, how to make BTS proud? Be humble, be respectful, be mature, and showing endless support. This mad BTS fans follow buying BTS kpop merch online.

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