Why Small Businesses Are Highly in Favor of Using Cloud Phone Systems

Many businesses have been benefiting a lot since telephone systems started moving to the cloud.

Many businesses have been benefiting a lot since telephone systems started moving to the cloud. Unlike traditional phones, they have eliminated the need for copper wires and many other older infrastructure. The only thing you will need is the Internet in order to make telephone calls. Aside from its functionality, dependability and high quality, here are the main reasons why a cloud business phone is the preferred choice of many small businesses these days.

No need to buy or maintain equipment

Older on-premises VoIP systems are more difficult to maintain because they require a switch and a PBX server in order to sustain the quality of service (QoS). With a cloud PBX system, businesses do not have to buy and maintain such costly hardware and equipment. This means more benefits specially for small businesses. These include reduced fees upfront, zero costs for replacement or repair as well as less worries about hiring IT specialists. With all these advantages, businesses can now concentrate on serving their clients.

All-in-one communications system

The features of on-premise phone systems are quite few and most of these are only available at extra costs. An internet based telephone system allows businesses to integrate all forms of communications into a centralised location. This helps address the challenges of handling different forms of communications including emails, phone calls, text messages and faxes.

For a truly seamless experience, always choose a centralised system that is already complete with a CRM, SMS, ticketing, email and telephone platforms. If you want to know more about the best cloud phone system for small business, contact any leading service provider for more details.

No more issues with long-distance fees

Charges for long-distance calls can be problematic for small businesses once they pile up. Good thing, these costs do not apply to those that are using a cloud based phone system. With these available, businesses do not have to worry anymore about overpaying and getting surprise bills monthly. Making calls is now very much like sending emails as voice data is transmitted only using the Internet.

Decreased telephone bills

With cloud based systems, small businesses can significantly decrease their telephone bills by up to 70%. Aside from the low to zero long-distance charges, they can save more by not paying for additional phone telephone lines and by not purchasing or maintaining any hardware or equipment.

Greater flexibility and mobility

A cloud pbx system will enable small businesses to make and receive calls from any location. As long as there is Internet connectivity, the system’s devices can serve as extensions of your operations. This can work in tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. Businesses with multiple sites will benefit the most from this feature because cloud business phone systems use a single phone service to connect each of the different locations.

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