Worse Habits That Can Damage Your Hair

We all wish to have strong, beautiful, and voluminous locks.


We all wish to have strong, beautiful, and voluminous locks. Unfortunately, not many are blessed with such locks. That said, with proper maintenance, a healthy diet, and good habits, it’s possible to have beautiful hair.

The internet is bombarded with hair care tips, leaving people confused on what to follow and what not to. But, nobody has the right information. Damaging your hair is the last thing you’d want to do. Unknowingly, many of us are harming our hair with our everyday habits and following the hair tips suggested by YouTubers. We, the best hairdresser Sydney, have listed some of the worse habits that are actually damaging your hair:-

Over Shampooing

Yes, shampooing your hair feels good and make you look beautiful. But, have you ever thought about what happens to your hair when you shampoo your hair frequently? Probably not. When you shampoo your hair often, it strips off the natural oils, leaving the scalp dry and lifeless. Also, it can lead to hair fall. If you want healthy hair, stop this habit right away. Thrice in a week would suffice and you’ll notice the change.

Conditioning the Root

This is one of the things that can completely damage your hair. Conditioning the locks at the ends is the right way. Conditioning the root can damage your hair permanently. So, stop applying conditioner to the root of your hair.

Not Shampooing

Yes, like too much wash, not washing your hair can damage your hair. Some tend to wash their hair once a week or once in two week. This can lead to dandruff and hair fall, especially if you travel a lot. The ideal time is you should wash your hair twice or thrice a week for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.

Rinsing Your Hair with Hot Water

Of course, hot water is bliss. But, do you know hot water can damage your hair terribly? The heat can make your thick and rough in structure and spoils the natural texture of your hair. This is because overheat can disturb the PH balance of your scalp. Never rinse your hair with hot water if you want your healthy and smooth hair.

Using Heat Tools Every Day

Can’t you step out without straightening your hair? Probably you should stop doing it right now. Heat tools are your hair’s worst enemy. It can damage your hair to a greater extent. Even hair extensions Sydney can be damaged if you use heat tools daily.

Combing Wet Hair

You do it every time when you wash your hair, aren’t you? Combing your wet hair is the worst thing you can do to your hair. It can lead to hair fall, and you’ll end up losing a lot of hair. That’s why hairdressers in the hair salon Sydney used to dry the hair and then style it. So, let the hair dry and comb your hair.

Probably you’re unaware these habits could damage your hair. So, now you know it, please try to avoid them to maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

The author is a hairdresser working in the best hair salon in Sydney. He is specialised in modern and classic haircuts, blowdrys, and the latest colour collections. Visit https://royalshair.com.au/ for more details.



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